Why do people like to hate for Led Zeppelin for being reserved, unlike The Beatles (plz read details of ques)?

Unlike the Beatles, who practically wanted every media spotlight on them; whether it was through regular interviews, or the movies they made. The Beatles just let their popularity get to their heads I feel. The Beatles were great songwriters, yes. They had some amazing songs. They did some real great groundbreaking…

finally someone who agrees with me!! really one of the main reasons got so popular was because of the media publicity. and ESPECIALLY compared to led zeppelin, they were def not as talented. i really dont understand why people hate on led zeppelin for not being all about the media… in fact i would suspect that they respect that… knowing how the media is. because led zeppelin was all about their MUSIC (who can say that about tons of bands/artists now?) and thats why they really didn’t give a f*ck about how they looked and what the media thought. and most of all they PRESERVED their music, (thats why they made their own label) so they dont turn into the beatles when it comes to the media taking over. i really honor/respect jimmy page for doing that… its just a sign of a band that really does care deeply about their music. not to mention the fact that they stopped touring after bonham died – its really honorable they made that desicion.

as for pink floyd and queen… they were public to a much lesser degree than the beatles, but still probably more than led zeppelin. pink floyd kinda strikes me as a band that was pretty reserved, except for (as you pointed out) their later albums. queen was not public, and were famous for their lack of interviews (at least freddie mercury). so they were probably the most reserved band next to led zeppelin. the other reason that may be is because the media never favored them especially when they were starting out.


With the advent of AOR (Album Oriented Radio) — and the new frontier of what was the FM wasteland —

Led Zeppelin WERE as famous as The Beatles for the late-60s, and all of the 70s

However, like Pink Floyd, they did NOT develop into a Singles Band, like The Beatles really “scored” on.

“Fame” is interpretative — <more later>

Edit —

whoa whoa whoa !!

“Pink Floyd” used Syd Barrett, to make a name for themselves, in their later albums. ”

Your guilty of re-writing history.

Floyd were never Commerically big, until Dark Side.

Most people only find out about Barrett, when they explore Floyd’s lesser-known Discography & their History.

I finding it more & more difficult to grasp what the heck this Post is really about ??

“Dark Side” solidified Floyd as a major force and also broke the record for the longest album EVER, to stay on the Billboard Charts – over ANYTHING The Beatles ever did.

It was not until AFTER “Wish You Were Here” sold a Bundkle — that the band even discussed, these albums being inspired by Barrett. ( and apparently NOW we know that this was Waters lyrical idea — using Barrett ) — the music had NOTHING to do with Barrett.

Even after The Wall (yes, another painful reference to Barrett) — More people who bought Pink Floyd — STILL DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS (Who??) – Syd Barrett.

Many people on this site who know a lot about Floyd — know Barrett.

But, I guarantee you that a Majority of people in R&P — STILL do not know who Barrett was, or have even heard anything prior to Dark Side.

We are just seeing the people who DO know — in Floyd discussions.

Not at all representative of the Commercial-Buying music community.

I have never once heard of someone hating Led Zeppelin for not “being public” or whatever. But what the **** does this have to do with their music? How would the music have changed if they had been this way? Your post makes no sense. Led Zeppelin had a bunch of mediocre crap on their albums anyway… I think most people would agree that The Beatles were more solid musically. Listen to Abbey Road or Sgt. Peppers… perfectionate songwriting all the way through. Pink Floyd is better this way too. You seem to just be trying to find some way to put LZ above these other two bands because it’s your personal preference.

Queen is commercial crap though, though I like some of their songs and they had a knack for arranging.

But all in all, you need to separate the image of the band from the music… if you do that I think you’ll start to think less of Zeppelin… even if they weren’t that prominent in the media, the appeal of them is based a lot in their image… musically they were kind of sloppy… but again that’s part of their image. Good musicians, but still, you’ve got this whole thing mixed up in your head. They were just as commercial as the rest of them, their act of not releasing singles was just another part of their image; they knew it would make idiots think they were more “legit”. This is how the game of pop music works, most of it is about image.

I think hate is too strong of a word. I don’t hate them, their music just isn’t my thing. Neither is the Beatles or Queen, save a couple of songs. I don’t care if a band thrives in the spotlight or if they’re reserved, if a song sounds good then it’s good; its’ popularity doesn’t factor into that so much for me.

I know, the Beatles weren’t musically talented at all. It’s not like there’s dozens of books and articles written by credible classical analyzers praising their harmonies and melodies!

And when I talk to people about Led Zeppelin, they say, “Well, their music is pretty good, but they didn’t make a movie, so they must be really bad!”

Of course. Led Zep weren’t that famous, nor did they release any singles, so Stairway’s not one of the worlds most played singles on radio. Also, Pink Floyd didn’t record any music without Syd, and Dark Side of The Moon isn’t very good at all so isn’t one of the biggest selling albums of all time. And of course no rock music is pretentious. Bands like Genesis were never pretentious, they were ultra serious when they dressed up as slimy monsters etc. on stage.

Have you actually heard of Led Zep? Fool.

who hates Led Zeppelin?

Have you seen ‘The Song Remains The Same’?, they had a plane with their name on!

wait, what? I have not heard anybody in this section diss zeppelin. I have no clue where you’ve been.

Idk but Led Zepelin beats the beatles by a long shot.

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