Why do people think Islam is evil?

I dont get WHY people have to say Islam is evil.. its NOT EVIL! Dont give me the excuse of 9/11 or that the “Quran” is evil.. or tht they treat women like crap because im Muslim and i treat my wife with respect.. Give me your opinion of why Islam is evil.. and email me so i can try to clear things up….

For me Islam itself is not EVIL, it was the extremist leaders who also want a share of power and using the Islam religion to recruit and brain wash their followers.
Actually not only in Islam, in some religion too they are using GOD for their own personal intentions they are the one’s that is EVIL. unfortunately some people are being brainwashed and follow them blindly, believing in their heart that they are doing it in the name of GOD.
I don’t see anything wrong in any religion, there is nothing wrong with it since they teach us the good things like love, care, giving etc.
Those WHO are HUNGER OF POWER who wants to control the world by all means using even the almighty to get what they want, THEY ARE THE EVIL ONES.

Yes Islam is pure Evil. It is a religion that follows the ranting’s of a madman who was a bandit, pedophile, torturer and murderer. Muslims look at this evil man and call him the “perfect Muslim” Anyone who doesn’t believe this must only read the Quran. These ISIS murderers are simply following Mohammed’s example and being “perfect Muslims”

“Whatever” Well put. I agree with most of what you said, and I am a Christian, never a KKK. We do this judging of others in groups more than just in religion. All Italians are in organized crime or Mafia, all Hispanics are illegal, all this or that. One evil person, one corrupt person does not a race, a group or a religion make that item wrong. We as a people fear the unknown. What we read or hear of many violent acts of extremist cause fear in many for they do not know the difference. Muslim are good people. Many are excitable, but that too is true in groups where there is misunderstanding. If I thought all male Christians were KKK, I would not identify myself with them, I would remain a “Christian” for all the reasons I am now, but would say I was a Christ followers or something, not Christian/KKK. Now, one area I would like for you to reconsider. Deuteronomy is a book used to establish some order to a civilized people, these are the people of God, the Israelite. God is teaching them many things, with rules and such, how he expects them to live. One of those things was purity of the race. Another that He is to be the only God before them. Two things here to consider–if you date/marry someone other than one of the people, you have mixed blood and chances are different gods. So God frowned upon that during the era of the Old Testament You took the twelfth verve out of context. He had already given a way out–by the number of witnesses so death did not have to come. But when it gets so bad, the person refuses to follow even the priest and judge and correct himself, he is to be stoned. However, now this is a very important point–just him, not others of other tribes or beliefs. The extremist of the Muslims refer to infidels–all infidels–in this case non-believer of Allah and they are to be killed. God did not say that in Deuteronomy–what he did say is one within the Israelite who fails to follow the rules is to be stoned. While I do not agree with the religion of Islam, I pray always for your right of belief, with freedom to exercise that right. God Bless

Its the minority (extremism). Because of the extremists the rest of Islam have been given a label that they really don’t deserve. As long as the extremists are running rampant the label will stay stuck. I’m not saying it is evil, but its not fair that the majority (muslims like you) pay for the minorities actions (extremists who fill minds with hate and lies).

Many people believe in the right of the individual. The right of the individual to free speech and religious belief

So any religion that approves disfiguring for crimes, death to non-believers, death to those that question their religion or religious leaders, death to wives or children that dress differently or expose some skin is viewed by these people as evil—crimes against mankind.

And to view Muhammad as a just person close to God appears out of character of what most individuals would consider good. This man lead genocide against many tribes of his time, killing whole villages and settlements even the children and elderly,

The ultimate end result of Islam is to convert everyone who is not of Islam. Unfortunately, Second Surah says that if an infidel does not wish to convert, he should be killed. Even further still, we have the Shiites and the Sunis who both believe the other is an infidel. So after they both kill all the infidels on the planet, they would then have to annihilate one another to the end.

On the other hand, Christianity is the only belief that states the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbour as yourself. There is no such edict in the Quran.

I don’t think its evil. I know how you guys feel when people say crap about your religion, but there are people who don’t hate islam and one of them is me. I have been to arabia several times and its beautiful out there. I’m interested in your religion as well.

I’m glad you brought this up, as I have never met an unkind person of Islamic faith. Yet, Islam is demonized more than atheism on Y!A. Although I do not follow the ideals of Islam, or any other religion for that matter, I don’t believe it deserves the horrid reputation it has received from American media. Christians should look more into the activities of their own religion before painting one in such a negative shade.

Anyone who says a whole group of people are evil are ignorant. I have friends and coworkers who are muslim. One of the best people I know and admire is muslim and it really upsets me if someone were to disrespect her just because she wasn’t the “right” religion.

Uh… 9/11?

Plus, every other society in the world modernizes, but Muslims care too much about prayers and whatnot instead of the real world. It’s just pure escapism.

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