Why do you Americans think we are jealous of you, or want to be like you?

Everytime we get anti-america comments, americans tend to say crap like “You’re just jealous” no we are not, thats why we’re insulting you, not many people like americans, maybe we would be jealous if your country was any good, if it wasn’t corrupt, or fat, or pure arrogant, i mean like 80% of…

It would appear that you are obsessed with America. That is, 40% of all of your questions are focused on America. Further, that focus demonstrates a negative perspective of America, more correctly the United States.

You admit such a negative perspective in this question when you state, “Every time we get anti-America comments, Americans tend to say crap like “You’re just jealous” no we are not, that’s why we’re insulting you. . . .” You state that your intent is to insult the people of the United States, that you receive negative responses should be no surprise and that most likely is your intent.

You continue by using invectives which are clearly not based on facts but are rather a form of political spin. Such unsubstantiated propaganda includes:

“ . . . not many people like Americans. . . “ Please be specific. What are the numbers of people in which countries.

“ . . . if it wasn’t corrupt, or fat, or pure arrogant. . . “ Again, it would help if you were specific by providing facts describing the corruption, what you mean by the use of the word fat (a biological description of the people, or a cultural description), or what you mean by “pure arrogant” beginning with a description of an un-pure arrogance.

How do you arrive at the assertion that 80% of the immigrants into the United States are Mexican. Quite a trick since most people here are themselves immigrants of direct descendants of immigrants. How does the United States use immigration rates to define that we are best and what is an immigration rate.

Your statement, “ . . . you have more poverty than here, and you have more rich, is that corrupt or what? . . . “ makes little sense and apparently emanates from a misconception of poor and rich within the United States. In every country there are the poor and there are the rich. Unlike other countries where individuals have little control to change their lot in life, individuals in the United States are continually changing their economic status. For example, within the United States those of African Descent who are rich are a larger group than any other similar group any place in the world. It would be quite interesting to have you explain how anything to do with poor and rich has anything to do with corruption. Facts please.

Saying, “ . . . Your government is corrupt as hell . . . “ has no meaning. How is it corrupt? By what standard do you make such an allegation? Do you consider that those who are found to be corrupt, face that law and if found guilty they are penalized?

You also state, “ . . . you may have power, but you lose all these wars, and jump in to ours at the last minute to say We saved you” Without troops from the United States both World War I and World War II would have turned out differently. It was the American troops who can to the aid of the French troops as they were loosing French Indo China. It was the French who dealt with Iraq against the rules laid down by the United Nations and aggravated the situation. In any of these wars the United States could easily use it’s ultimate power and ended them in our favor over night.

The point is, it is difficult to fully answer your question because it is based on a fallacy of limited and skewed data issued through a hatred of the United States that makes any dialog nearly meaningless. The best I can offer is that most of us here in the United States don’t consider anyone jealous of the people in the United States, because we don’t spend much time thinking about such things. Rather we are too busy making our lives better through work.

I am American, born and raised. You sound British, although you did not specifially so state. It doesn’t bother me that you don’t like Americans, but I do think you should get your facts straight. When you say negative things about someone else, that is fine as long as it is the truth. If it is not the truth, then you are engaging in criminal behavior known as slander and libel. 80% of our immigrants are not Mexican, although this may be close to true about our illegal immigrants. Yes, we do have alot of poverty here, but there is alot of poverty everywhere, even in the south of France, and yes, even in Britain. There are corruptions in our government, but most of the time we ferret these out and punish who ever is responsible, unlike most countries. There are a great deal of overweight people here, but I saw plenty of these when I was in Britain as well. I believe it is true that the Brits are the fattest of the Europeans.
Now, let me remind you that the great majority of white Americans are directly descended from the peoples of the British Isles, to the tune of at least 80 %. Most of the rest is German, Polish, and Italian, in that order. Our government is patterned directly on your government, with our president being our “monarch”, our Congress being our “parliament”, and our judiciary being our judiciary. We have replaced your rediculous house of lords with an elected Senate, and we have dispensed with those rediculous smelly moth eaten wigs that your judges wear. Our standard of living is higher than yours, but not by much, I agree, and a sizable fraction of your country’s wealth comes from your very sizable American holdings.
For better or for worse, we invented the assembly line, the nuclear bomb, the liquid fueled rocket, the television, the xerox machine, the computer chip, the internet, and the personal computer, the GPS satelite system, not to mention the Ipod, the CD, the cell phone, the liguid crystal display………..the list goes on and on and on. Most Nobel prizes in the sciences are won by Americans, these days.
On the other hand, Britain can’t even grow enough food to feed it’s own population, not that it really needs to. I haven’t seen any space probes launched from Britain.
America isn’t for everyone, and I would be the first to say that YOU in particular need to STAY AWAY. But I wouldn’t live anywhere else, and certainly not in your rainy drippy socialist minded little country. So there!

Not all Americans think people outside the United States envy us.

I mean, personally, I think that people in the United States calling themselves “Americans” is a little bit on the arrogant side. What about South America? Or Central America? They’re Americans, too. And what about the Canadians, aren’t they on the North American continent, too?

Also, not all Americans are fat and Ugly. Some of us are thin and ugly, too. We also have some beautiful people, as well. There is a mix involved, sort of an unhealthy hodge-podge of Fat, skinny, Ugly, Beautiful, and those in between.

Please, I beg you not to lump all of us together. Just because we have a few morons who are so ethnocentric that they can’t see the world in front of them, don’t let that color your view of us as a whole.

Thank you, and have a Wonderful New Year.

If you don’t love Americans, why do you come here to live in this country? Why do so many want to be in America?

America is not the only country with problems; look at other countries smaller and less people – how their people live and their government treat them. And there are still so much poverty in those countries. What percentage rate of poverty comparing America to any other countries? How much does your country send money to people in other parts of the world to help them in time of trouble? You don’t even have much compassion for others; why barking at the wrong tree?

And you know why Americans think they are great because this Nation is built on God’s principles. Most Americans are beautiful inside and out and I’m sure we’re better than your people. If you think your country is so great go back home and be proud to live in your own land.

I can’t take you seriously, I’m not even going to finish reading your post. Someone that says the population of the US is 80% mexican immigrants has to be a pure dunce.

You’re right, the US is awful-freedom of speech, freedom to live and work wherever you want, to associate with whoever you want.
How many Americans have you actually met? If you start insulting anyone’s country, they are going to get mad and arrogant.
Oh, and can you please explain why fat & ugly=awful?

We are the most powerful country in the world. Don’t think so? Tick us off once and watch as we put a boot in your azz. Every other country wishes they had our military superiority. Deal with it.

I have one question for you and I very much hope you answer it.

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? That is if you are not too afraid to tell everyone. You don’t mind posting you opinion, so be a brave one a tell us the country you are so proud of!!!

we dont think you are jealous. we think you have a mental problem see a therapist

oh, put a cork in it already!

Merry Christmas!

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