Why EXACTLY do people Hate Sarah Palin Again?

Did I miss something or what? Why do people hate Sarah Palin? She hasn’t done anything wrong, but so many people bad mouth her and her family but ignore the wide out open obvious things other more “prominent” politicians do. Marion Barry Did Crack, The NEw York Governor Ran A Mistress/prostitute…

palin>new apostolic reformation> global harvest ministries> army of joel> committee on national planning > elsa prince mother of eric prince , blackwater>dominionism.

Sarah Palin will learn plenty from being the V.P. In a 365 days or 2, she’ll be waiting to deal with the interest of president. ALL presidents place self belief of their hand picked aides till now making very final judgements. those aides are chosen because of the fact of their particular skills. look at how plenty Condoleeza Rice discovered interior the final 2 years. Sarah Palin might in all threat make an excellent president.

I just think she’s an idiot. I didn’t like her environmental policies while she was governor of Alaska. Her “real America” comments were divisive. And she said a lot of other dumb things while on the campaign trail with John McCain. It drives me crazy that anyone would believe she’s the best person in the entire country to be president, and I’m terrified of the future for this country if she were ever to win. Not so much because of how she would lead, but because of what that says about the majority of voting Americans.

I don’t HATE Sarah Palin. I do, however, strongly dislike her.
The reason I, and I believe many others, talk bad about her and her family is that she is a hypocrite.
She openly promotes a set of values, and criticizes others for not sharing these values, but then she and her family violates these values. That is the trouble with being so loud and judgmental; you often make your self a hypocrite.
Also, I have no faith in her ability to lead. She struggles leading a family, how can she lead a country?
She may be a great person. I don’t know. I have to go by what I have seen of her, and what I have seen of her suggests that she is a hypocritical, judgmental clown with average intelligence at best.
**Please, I don’t mean to offend any clowns with that statement.**

Sarah is a bit flamboyant but that is no reason to hate her.
I believe some people hate anyone with standards. Sarah embarrasses them and points out how their lives are a pile of meaningless tripe.
People with real character must tick off the Leftists.

I don’t think people hate her. She’s the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party in a long time and she may singlehandedly seal the Repubs fate in 2012.

Hatred. I have no hatred. I don’t know her and she hasn’t done anything to me. It’s just fun using right wing tactics on the right.

She’s a skank and don’t know nothing bout birthin no retard babies.
Levi is Trigs daddy. We all know that. Paternity test NOW!

I don’t know of anyone that hates her. Many people think she is funny and since cons miss the point of so many jokes – they think people hate her, but they are wrong.

I think she is hilarious
She more funny serious than most comics

Mostly it’s because she’s an idiot. Just watch her interview with Katie Couric on Youtube! You will understand…

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