Why is everyone obsessed with Britain?

Lately I’ve noticed everyone had been obsessed with Britian.
My friends cry and get excited whenever someone mentions London. Like big whoop, it’s NYC just a few hours ahead.
Everyone also walks around with stuff smothered with the British flag, like t shirts, shorts, iPhone cases, an bags.

They’re much more cultured, but America has its strong points human rights being one of them.

Because they’ve added so much to our culture. We are their “child country.” Plus, we get lots of entertainment from them. British TV is great and lots of music too.

We have a lot less in common with Sweden because we don’t speak the language and Canada is well, Canada. It doesn’t have any ties to history and culture that we don’t have ourselves.

I’m a born and bred londoner and britain is great, I love it here although the weather is crap.
NYC is bigger than london the roads are massive!
Have u ever been?

one direction, harry potter, the beatles, shakespeare, prince william and kate, the queen, football, david beckham, james bond, robin hood, king arthur, winston churchill, mr bean, ricky gervais, jack the ripper, issac newton, charles darwin etc

the list is endless and not bad for a little island

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