Would you trust a Thirteen-Year-Old to babysit (Read Description.)?

I’m Thirteen years old and I have always loved children and a lot of my cousins have had children in the last years.

Here’s some things that I think would make me a good babysitter:
1) I’ve always been told that I was very responsible for my age.
2) I’m homeschooled so I don’t have bad…

I have let a 13 year old babysit my kids before, but only because I knew her personally, and I knew for a fact that she was responsible. I was also really good friends with her mom, and her mom trusted her completely with kids. It also helped that she only lived a block away, so in the case of an emergency, she could have called her mother and she would have been there within a couple of minutes. Pretty much what it comes down to, is I would never let a stranger babysit my kids, but I’d let kids as young as 12 babysit my kids if I knew them well, knew their parents, their parents vouch for them, and their parents were available to help if necessary.

Probably not.

1. You haven’t taken a first aid course.

2. You’re just too young.

Sorry. My requirement is mature 16 year old. With the exception of my brother’s 14 year old daughter, who has watched my children once.

No i dont let anyone under 17 babysit my four kids. my babysitter is 21

You do sound very responsible but I would not have you baby sit my child simply because you are so young.

I would trust you to watch them if I wasn’t going far or if someone else was nearby for emergencies.

Legally, you’re not allowed to baby sit. Where I’m from, you have to be 11 to stay home alone and 14 to baby sit. Sorry! 🙂

I thought your name was Emily… Not Julie

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