Hi i am trying to find any way to increase acceleration on my 50cc scooter without de-restricting it, thanks.?

My parents said i am not aloud to de-restrict my scooter, and also the acceleration is really bad when i stop at a traffic light all the cars are driving slowly but still pull away from me, so please if anybody knows an inexpensive way of getting me from 0-30mph faster please help. at full throttle and a warm…

First note the year, make , and model of scooter. Then the method of restriction- some scooters/mopeds by design and build are not restricted- they just can’t go faster than 30mph/45kph, especially the newer 4 strokes meeting pollution laws. A CVT transmission may have a zip kit of springs and weights that will get better acceleration while ignition restrictor still limits top speed.

I believe that you can change the roller weights (in the variator and is similar to altering the gearing on a chain-driven bike). This is NOT illegal, as you aren’t de-restricting the moped, providing that it doesn’t exceed 31mph of course.

As a general rule of thumb, heavier roller weights increase top speed but acceleration is slower, whereas lighter rollers tend to speed up acceleration but you’ll lose some top speed.

What you’ve always gotta remember, is that it was designed to perform that way. 50cc mopeds are always going to be slow if they’re restricted and LEGAL (and tbh, if they’re de-restricted too, they’re still slow compared to cars, bigger bikes etc…) You shouldnt believe the stories of standard de-restricted 50cc mopeds doing 65mph. Those kinds of stories are utter bullsh*t really. The most out of a de-restricted moped is about 50/55mph on a good day really

My advice would be to stick it out, it’s faster than walking and less effort than cycling and then when you can afford/your licence allows/you get older, upgrade to a 125cc bike, that’s always going to be faster 😉

EDIT–I’d give the bike a good service using decent parts as others have mentioned. I would also not bother wasting your money on ‘performance’ upgrade. Yes it would make some marked difference, but in the long run, it aint worth the money. Plus, I wouldn’t trust the engineering of the chinese-make bikes, especially if de-restricted, when everything else seems to fall to pieces rather quickly. I would just leave it standard and wait until you are old enough/licenced correctly/can afford to buy a 125cc 😉

–Mikey B–

Change the rollers in the variator which is behind the CVT belt makes sure you put the new ones in the correct way round if you are not sure what to do ask a mechanic.Also you can change the exhaust a good one is a Tecnigas you can put a new quick reaction accelerator on go on adrenaline ped stop. I have a aprilia sr50 and i have light rollers a tecnigas exhaust and it is restricted and does 53ish on a flat make sure your tyres are always pumpedd up !!!

15-17 secs on a 50 cc is indeed excessive, has it always been this way? Try changing the oil for some good castrol stuff and replace the sparkplug and give everything a good wipe down and GT85 ing. Typically the chinese bikes have crap oil in them when new and even worse spark plugs


Can’t be done.
The reason you’re allowed to ride it at 16 is that it’s been built not to go so fast that an inexperienced rider won’t kill themselves.
If you make it faster it’s legally no longer a moped so both your licence and insurance will be invalidated.
Save up and get your bike licence and a better bike next year.

you try to fit engine from a stihl chain saw

right mate first step

you have to derestric it its really easy its a washer that restricts ur ped

then you should get 5.5 g rollers . then getta sports exaust and a air filter and that should make your scooter go 50 mph with fast accelaration

look on the good side … the bike is faster than walking

lose weight, and the power to weight ratio will go up

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