Im running out of ideas and i want him !?

Quick summary:
I met a guy unintentionally. He has flirted, invited himself to my home over the past six weeks. We have cooked together, had dinner for Mardi Gras (im in new Orleans btw), Valentines Day, and just as our first encounter to discuss a project we were supposed to be involved in. I grew attached to him…

He sounds like a great guy, but you know what, I guess this is exactly the kind of situation where time is the best answer. I guess you should back off for a while. Either of two things can happen.
1 he is straight 🙁 and ‘haunting’ him will get you beaten up.
2 he is gay but hasn’t accepted his feelings yet. Haunting him will scare him aWay.
So best, give him space. If its meant to be, you guys will get back together- romantically or as friends. But that’s his decision to make, and you ought to respect that.

he found you are gay & want’s no part of keep after him and prepare for a fist fight or worse.sounds like he once trusted you until he found your motives do not jive with his.

he sounds straight…i suggest you leave him alone and distance yourself with this man and get a new crush

Don’t be creepy about it but be nice and slow moving 😛

you sound like a stalker to me… o.O

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