Is it safe to go on roller coasters while pregnant?

I am 22 weeks pregnant and we’re going to Universal Studios soon. Just wanted to know if I am allowed to go on the roller coasters while there… My belly is showing and it’s big. When I was pregnant with my 1st one I went on roller coasters during a visit to six flags but during that time I had no idea I…

Definatley not. The fast stop and go motion is bad for the baby also too much adrenaline can harm the baby. They just cant take it. Plus you will probably be so miserable during the ride that you will wish you hadnt done it. Sorry I dont like to be the bearer of bad news but its best for the baby if you dont ride any roller coasters. I know it sucks. Trust me. I havent ridden a roller coaster in over 2 years due to being pregnant lol

I don’t think so. It is dangerous you’re big now so it’s different! Now if it’s like the marry-go-round or something very gentle then ask the person who runs the coaster. I hate to say it but for all the big,fast,fun ones…It’s going to probably be a no. Most of the time there is signs saying “Don’t Go On This Ride If You Are (and it will list)” If you shouldn’t go on it while your pregnant it will say so. Most of them have pregnant on the list just so you’re safe. I wouldn’t risk it…

Not a good idea. Your little one should not be exposed to the harsh movements caused by roller coasters, the safety bar will probably not fit comfortably or at all, and least of my concerns would be you may be more likely to get sick. Pregnancy is even noted on the rides as being a reason not to ride.

uhhh no. its ok when you dont know youre pregnant because obviously you dont know. lol but when youre that far along its not good and they wont even let you get on the roller coaster anyways with your belly showing. just have a fun time walking around and spending time with your family/friends. you can ask your OB but theyre probably going to say the same thing

At 22 weeks there is less risk of it triggering a miscarriage than earlier in pregnancy, but I would DEFINITELY not do it! There is a cushion of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby to protect it, but do you really want to put that kind of strain on someone who can’t even hold up his or her head when born, 18 weeks from now? Think about what it does to your own, fully developed, strong body. Slow rides (like kiddie rides and the like) are probably fine, but as my midwife said, avoid anything that drops, whooshes, or swoops. 🙂 Good luck!

Nope. No roller coasters… The signs in front of the roller coasters say that you can’t ride if you are pregnant.

I doubt they will let you on the major coasters if you are showing. There may be no real safety issues, but there is no reason a park would want to take a risk. Plus, the restraints may not work with your current body shape. You should be able to go on things like log rides where there are no issues with the restraints. I would also check with your OB/GYN and go with that recommendation.

Ask yourself if it is worth miscarriage. There are people who drink and smoke while pregnant and swear its never hurt any of their other kids. But is a good time worth risking the life or health of your unborn child that needs your for protection and survival?

I’m sorry but I agree with norcelli, how could any responsible mother put her baby’s life at risk with such a selfish pursuit, any such activity could put your baby’s life in danger,.

No. You will not be allowed on most of the rides.

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