My History teacher makes me a nervous wreck. How can I reduce my stress?

I am about to go to History class, but every time I go my pulse is fast and I get very nervous. My teacher makes me feel stressed. She’s very strict and calls people out to answer questions on what we talked about in our last class. She hasn’t called on me yet, but probably one of these days she will and I…

I told my teacher this “If I knew the answer and wanted to answer it I would raise my hand, so quit asking me to answer your questions.”

I’m a school teacher and under no circumstances should you act in any way that might jeopardize this man’s career…. he’s evidently a good teacher so I can assume from your comments that he hasn’t made any passes at you. KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS (SO TO SPEAK) be cool, do your work, keep working through it and for God’s sake don’t listen to SH** heads like A. Sazzi he’s clueless and has no idea about actions and consequences….

If there is a question u know ANsWEr IT.. Make your notes as an outline

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