Wife sleeps nude, and i feel a little uncomfortable?

My wife just started sleeping nude in the bedroom, she told me she feels more comfortable this way. I thought that this was just a phase, but she has been doing it for the past 4 months now. I just feel uncomfortable with this because I don’t want my wife to see me as a pervert. I want to cuddle her like i use…

I’ve been sleeping nude for 7 years, and it feels good to cuddle my man that way. I prefer that to cuddling with jammies or a nightgown. To me it feels very good to have his body next to me during the night. And it makes sex more accessible. I really don’t see anything wrong with it.

Now, about the walking around nude in the house–I wouldn’t be okay doing it or having a partner doing it. We have company from time to time and keep our blinds open. At the very least I wear a robe. I feel kind of immodest lounging around in the raw all day.

You should talk to your wife about what she’s doing and what you feel comfortable with and come to some kind of compromise.

Is this a real question?

I am at a loss to understand why you are uncomfortable with your wife sleeping nude with you. How is it more difficult to make love to her if she is nude? What on earth do you mean?

However, I don’t know if it is advisable for her to walk around the house nude all day. It all depends where you live. I live in a typical english suburb and our house is overlooked from all sides, nudity is not really possible here. Perhaps where you live it is different.

Maybe its a hint, that she wants more attention. If she does it only when both of you are alone, then there is nothing to be alarmed about. If she’s nude when you have guests over then that should raise some red flags. I say no harm no foul Just enjoy the sights. Maybe you should even join her. It could even create another chapter in your love life.

Come on, you’re married to her! Why do you think you’ll be disrespectful if you touch her while she’s naked? I mean, it’s not kike you’ve never done that before, and you’re not in public. But if you feel weird having to watch her naked all the time, then tell her that. Tell her that you’d feel more comfortable if she put her clothes on while she’s walking around the house because you’re conservative. But I don’t see anything wrong with her sleeping naked, you’re aloud to touch her, you know?

It should be even easier to make love to her since she is already undressed. There is nothing wrong with the nude female form. If she goes around the house like that, so be it. At least it will be less laundry to wash.

If you really don’t like the situation, send her to my house. She can go naked as much as she wants.

As soon as you start to participate with your wife the same way she does, she will start wearing dress in your home. Though it is acceptable to be nude with spouse but it is quite unnnatural and disguising to walk around home without cloths. Only animals have been given these type of rights.
Try to pursue her and wait to come her online.

Wife Sleeping Naked

Of all the problems in the world to have, to much naked woman is your problem…

Here is my advice to you sir, enjoy your life, and enjoy your wife because if more people had problems like yours the depression rate in the world would be 0.

Really though, an abrupt behavioral change like that could indicate a neurological problem. Y’all should make an appt. just in case.

If not, talk it out. You share first. Maybe she’s just really feeling herself. Also, could she be enduring ‘the change’?

“she seemed like such a nice woman.”
How does walking around nude, in her own home, make her a bad woman? Did her personality change? You are being extremely petty and shallow sir, I hope you realize this soon…before you destroy your marriage.

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