I don’t want yahoo instant messenger?

I don’t want yahoo instant messenger because i get too many interuptions, how do i get rid of it i did the add remove option and it didn’t work out what can i do to get rid of this.

Little granny, I love your ID. The add/remove option in the control panel should work. Try restarting your computer, then go back to add/remove and see if Yahoo Messenger is still there. If it is, try removing again. Also remove Yahoo Messenger explorer bar which is just below Yahoo Messenger on the Add/remove list. Then reboot one more time.

If you don’t want yahoo Instant messenger then go to control menu using the start menu and select Add/Remove option and search for Yahoo!Messenger when you find this click on remove button.

Try it this will help you lot

I am going to assume that you are a windows user
the safest way to get rid of it is going to control panel (you can find this under the start menu) and going to add or remove programs, find Y! messenger and click remove

If you wanna get rid of it.. go to start then go to control panel then go to add/remove programs and then go to Yahoo Messenger an remove it.. it you are having trouble with that go to Www.download.com ad go to software and then unistallers..

go into your program files on[ drive c] and see if you can delete the program files for yahoo messenger. then do a search form start for yahoo messenger files or folders and delete them also.

My suggestion is start ur pc in ” Safe mode “and try uninstall using control panel

delete the folder

C:\program files\yahoo!

i have been having the same problem since last night around 11:30pm as well.

log onto it and place your status as invisible to everyone

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