Could A-Rod Finally Head to Boston…What baseball team will Alex Rodriguez play for in 2008…?

After losing Alex Rodriguez to the Yankees in 2004, the Red Sox apparently haven’t stopped thinking about how the star would look in a Boston uniform.

Three years after a proposed trade fell through, Red Sox president Larry Lucchino still has the drive to bring A-Rod to Boston, possibly making him teammates…

As a Red Sox fan this isn’t a good thing. The Sox have at least a couple of players that remember his dirty tactics form the 04 ALCS (Varitek, Schilling, etc.) Plus lets not forget the incident with Pedroia from this season. I just don’t see some of these players wanting to deal with A-Rod and the disappearing act his bat and glove does in the playoffs. Plus you have to look at where this report is coming from, not Boston but New York.

If A-Rod goes to Boston great, I personally like the guy but I don’t believe in humongo contracts, the Yankees have not benefited as far as winning goes with him, the organization however has made it’s money and now is the time for A-Rod to move on, or take less money and make the Yankees even more of a dinesty. I look for Mark Cuban to buy the Cubs and he is the only one besides Goerge S. that can pay A-Rod.

The Yankees.

The Red Sox spent over 50 million dollars on Dice K and spent some more money on J.D. Drew.

They dont have enough money to pay A-Rod 30 million dollars.

He will also not play for the Angels because the Gm said quote ”Paying one player 30 percent of the payroll is not good business.”

So the only team that has the money is the Yankees, and if he wants the money he will head back to the Yankees.

Since A-Rod would have to opt out of his contract for a move to Boston, I simply don’t foresee it happening. I truly believe he will remain a Yankee in the near future, and will try to see things through to get a world championship ring (or several) with them. The lure of the game’s history in the Bronx will keep him put. I honestly think at this stage of his career his legacy as a WINNER will supercede his desire to make more money, and will keep him in pinstripes. How much money can he spend, anyway? He’s set for life already, and now there are bigger fish to fry – his legacy as a part of the most famous franchise in the history of professional sport.

I could of course be totally wrong because he is having a fabulous year, of course, and can write his own ticket. HOWEVER, I simply cannot envision him turning his back on the Yankees. Though they are a little down now, it will be LIGHTYEARS until the Red Sox attain even a remotely similar history, and I truly think he would like to be remembered among the Yankee greats. Let’s face it: The Yankees have so many more famous players in their history, the numbers dwarf the Red Sox, or any other team, for that matter. He is a devoted student of the history of the game, and I believe he will try his utmost to keep himself in pinstripes until he, like he says, “becomes part of the solution” to the Yankees quest to return the Yankees to their glorified position at the top of the baseball world.

Should be interesting, but I’ll bet I’m right!

After A-Rod’s little tussle with Varitek a few years ago, I personally don’t see him heading to Boston. Not because he wouldn’t want to, but because I don’t think the front office would jeopradize the franchise just for a name (even though he is starting to pull the numbers along behind the name). For part two of your question, I personally believe he will remain in New York. I don’t think there are but just a handfull of teams that are going to be willing to pay what he is going to want.

Id have to say if he puts up huge numbers and the yankees restructure his contract he will be a yankee till he retires but if not he will go where the yankees can get the best and youngest prospects. im guessing who has the best for that between boston and anaheim is the angels they will give up a pitcher and a catcher and a middle infielder and a-rod would fit right in at third send figgins to second and trade kendrick
a-rod wants to win a ring before hes 40 so im guessing his best chance would be with the angels

The line up of 08 season
1. Reggie Wilits lf
2 Orlando Cabrera ss
3. Vladimar Gurrerro rf
4. Alex Rodriguez 3rd
5. Gary Matthews cf
6. Juan Riveria dh
7.Casey Kotchman 1b
8, Mike Napoli C
9. Chone Figgins 2b
or Howie Kendrick

As a sox fan I really wouldn’t want him to come here unless they could sign him for 1-2 years which he wouldnt do, that contract is just much to high and would restrict signing great role players and decent middle relief in the future which is exactly what is killing the yankees this season and to charles s you are wrong because he has a no trade clause so he pretty much dictates where he goes or if he wants to hit the market.

Probably be the Cubs. A-Rod has always wanted to go back to ss ever since he made the move to 3b. The cubs haven’t had a great let alone consistent ss in years. A-Rod fills a need for a club and with him in the lineup, the cubs could go places. Not to mention Lou Pinnelas the manager, A-Rod’s old manager from Seattle.

It says suitable there that he compares A-Fraud to Bulger in that he’s “the main needed criminal in the sport’s history”, so i think of it incredibly is an apt assessment that accomplishes the author’s prevalent purpose: To get human beings to talk approximately what he’s written. there is not any doubt that A-Roid is a morally-bankrupt degenerate who has cheated his corporation, cheated his teammates, and cheated the followers, and it would desire to be argued that he has “murdered” the Yankees in the playoffs by using his performances there. I additionally believe that the boy would not deserve the 211-pastime suspension MLB is attempting to place on him — he merits a life-time ban because of the fact i believe the boy has performed grimy for almost his entire occupation. He incredibly is loathsome and should not be allowed to play professionally, a minimum of in the U. S..

His agent is saying no to coming back to be a Yankee. Personally, I think he wants to stay in NY. I was just at a Yankee game today, and he prolly got the most cheers. I personally think high priced players hurt more. Look at how much better Texas got after they got rid of him. So my answer, he’ll stay.

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