Do people hate Obama because he’s black?

You have a president that is doing so much good for the country but so many hate him. is it because he’s black? I tend to believe so. when you look bush and obama, bush was a complete idiot but so many loved him and gave him a free pass. after looking at all the wrong doing and how bush destroyed the us then…

I don’t hate him at all, just don’t agree with or like him politically.

As for the rest of the people, you’d have to ask them. Do you have that much spare time on your hands?

Why is it that if somebody disagrees with Obama then they a racist, verify the reflect chum. you’re a real racist or in simple terms stupid to have faith that a million/2 the country hates him because of the fact he black(a million/2 besides). human beings hate his regulations because of the fact they artwork to do away with freedom, he’s already making use of “entitlements” to make over a million/2 the country into slaves of the government which will vote for a verify somewhat than vote for a rich economic device the place human beings have of venture to be triumphant. people who shout “racist” each and every time some thing is asserted are the genuine racists. Why is it liberal politicians in simple terms approximately daily consult from the press approximately racism, gay marriage, gun administration and abortion rights? because of the fact they have discovered their fool supporters will blindly back something they say as long as they communicate on the subject of the insignificant subject concerns.

You’re wrong. Alot of people are not happy with the way he is spending our money, handling our private companies, and for political differences. Put the race card back in the deck, it just doesn’t play anymore.
Also, Bush is ancient history. People are tired of hearing him as an excuse as to why things are not improving now. Excuses are tiresome. People want action. Responsible action, not this endless throwing away of our hard earned money. It isn’t free you know. We will be paying all this back, as will our children and their children.

In his first six months Obama has borrowed more money than the United States borrowed in the last 30 years.

His stimulus bill cost 800 billion dollars and he promised it would create 3.5 million New jobs instead we lose more jobs every month.

He bought GM a car company that failed because of it’s high labor costs and gave it to the unions

Now he proposes to spend 1.5 trillion dollars on a new government run health care entitlement program.

What does race have to do with the mountain of debt he is creating and his failing policies?

It sure got him elected. And what exactly he has done that is good for the COUNTRY.He is advancing socialism and marxism at a rate that would make Hitler and Stalin proud.He is doing it with money that will not be earned for many decades from now. He just fired an inspecter general illegally because he was investigating one of Obama’s cronies in Sacramento.He fired a CEO of a private company. Then he confiscated two private companies and gave a huge chunk of those companies to his union thug pals.Whike he stole huge chunks of those companies from people who had contracts to be paid first.
Now, YOU tell us what he has done that is good for the country. White, black. Rich, poor. Male ,female. ALL Americans. Not just those that reverend wright says desrves it.

Lloyd my friend. I’m a conservative and I love my country dearly. If Bush was still in office doing the same thing Obama is currently doing I would verbally confront him just as harshly.

It has NOTHING to do with his skin and EVERYTHING to do with his anti-American, UNCONSTITUTIONAL policies that are going against EVERYTHING our founding Fathers intended for our country.

I DO NOT hate him…I DO HATE his marxist socialistic policies that WILL have long term detrimental effects for our country. Just what has he done that has been good????? He has spent more money in five months than ALL 43 PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS before him. What would your finances look like if you could actually spend more in five months than you bring in in over 8 years? Trust me my friend…Obama is not “doing so much good for the country”…he’s just heralded by a mislead and compliant media as “doing so much good..”

I wish that was why. Then that would mean that he was a good president doing great things and the only reason he was disliked was because of an irational attitude based on his skin color.
But the reality is that he spends and borows and then bend over with his pants down to forighen countries.

p.s. He is just as much white as he is black.

White people put him in power. That is a silly notion. Sure a very slim minority might but such is life.

He just spent a trillion dollars on a stimulus package, that cost more than both wars in iraq and afghanistan post 9/11 combined which accomplished very little. He has no right to take our money like that and spend it how he likes. You will have to pay the money back.

His skin color has nothing to do with “hating” him. Did you hate Bush because he was white? His policies suck, his increasing of the dept sucks, his payback to the UAW sucks, he is an idiot way over his head and can you say one thing he has done well?

He is an “OREO” not black. Pick up a text. Read it. Then come back onto the internet. Once your good and ready.

Why would Republicans hate blacks. When there are Black leaders, in the party. Yet alone, I’m Republican.

Do your self a favor. Will you?

Ask your parents, why you will never be retired. Good luck, trying to pay off those trillions, thanks to your “chosen” one.

Pssst, let me hip you to something. They will come in here and give the same tired answers that they always give to this question. (This question has been asked quite a few times by others who see the same thing that you see. Its too OBVIOUS not to see! I saw it myself during the elections, and STILL see it today! ) Then they’ll get mad at you for asking this, and might even have your question deleted. It looks like this forum is made up mostly of rabid racist ‘Neo-Cons’/Republicans that hate anything black or half black. Just look at most of the answers and avatars and usernames. One would have to be blind not to see it! There’s one of them here by the name ‘Kathe’. White blonde haired avatar. It comes here just about every day spewing that the whites are the “better race”, and says racist BS about blacks. AND gets plenty of thumbs up. You’ll see if your eyes are open. The ones who say that they don’t see, don’t want to see and are with her.

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