Do you think Smackdown is a better brand than Raw???? yes or no.?

I think they have overall better wrestling and storylines at the moment. Their divas arent that bad. every1 tht has a title on SD should hav1 (except hhh lol). i mean on raw in the lat month, they only had 1 good eposode… which was 3 hrs long so thts y it was good. I mean how in da world are kofi and punk da tag…


I Totally Agree With You, Thats Why When I Could Choose Between SD/ECW Tapings This Tuesday Night, Or Raw Tapings Tomorrow Night, I Chose SD/ECW. There Is Way Better Action On SD/ECW Than Raw At The Moment.

Smackdown truly. uncooked is undesirable on the 2nd with all the concentrated customer hosts, a similar trio of substantial eventers HHH, Orton, and Cena. useful Sheamus is WWE champion reliable now, it’ll take them 2 extra effective years now to crown yet yet another first time international champion on uncooked. Smackdown has a ways extra effective proper wrestlers than uncooked, their roster is a lot extra effective proper, it has extra effective proper wrestling, and much less promos. at the same time as uncooked’s in consumer-friendly words reliable wrestlers are Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston, Smackdown has Rey Mysterio, The Hart Dynasty, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, and a lot of distinctive wrestlers that are extra effective proper than uncooked’s.

Yes SD! has more Talent Power and Popularity, and when Edge comes back SD! will be the A show forever

i think raw is the better show. it hs the better superstars and as soon as cena gets back, there should be great inmrovements in storylines (hopefully).

they have the likes of

batista,kane,rey,cena,orton,cm punk, batista,shawn michaels. they are just main eventers.

on smackdown they only have undertaker and hhh to pull up a main event. the likes of jeff hardy and shelton benjamin arnt quite main eventers as of yet in my oppinion.

no because i dont got smackdown channel and i cant c jeff hardy no more and i an see raw so raw is better

sd has better storylines but raw has better superstars

raw is way better


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