How many of you have heard about this….? The North American Union!?

North American Union

9 MINUTES 12 SECONDS. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. Try to watch it before it’s pulled from YouTube .

The NAIS program is the start of the micro chipping. First the animals, then the criminals (for our protection, then our children for…

This belongs in the horse section because they are trying to force horse owners to microchip their horses. The NAIS is pushing pretty hard. The pending laws would require people to keep a log book up to date each and every time the horse leaves the property. With stiff fines if not up to date. It is also an extreme expense which would make it difficult for many people to own horses.

The farm bureau is trying to say that all the farmers support it but the truth is they are just scaring them into coming and getting the microchips. I myself will not microchip ever. Simply because I will not be forced to do something that is outside the jurisdiction of what the constitution says is the governments authority.

Now the good news is that it seems to have lost momentum in many states and some states have actually banned forced

Yes I’ve read about it, they are creating a mega highway that has no congressional approval. Members of congress have spoken out on it, but it still gets no coverage on the news. They use emanate domain to steal the land from property owners to construct this unapproved highway Anyone that calls it a conspiracy called the european union a conspiracy 20 years ago, its going to happen. It has to do with religion because the Bible speaks of a One world Government. Jesus is comming soon

this also applies to horses youngshy!and they want to use it on all livestock eventually.i don’t like the government eavesdropping on what are my rights as an American citizen and what makes anyone think that the information stored in the microchips cannot be erased or stolen by thieves.all it takes is a well placed neodymium magnet or a handheld chip reader and poof your information is gone or downloaded to a handheld pda or cell phone.also it gives the government a license to track your movements without your consent. i for one wont allow any of my animals or livestock be chipped nor will i have one in me.i am against this and my voice is well known to be against it..

I totally definitely know about this. Me and my friends are sooo against this. I will never become chipped. I agree with u how people don’t realize like the one answer that ur paranoid and stuff is soo untrue. No body wants to think this is gona happen because it frightens them and if we don’t do anything about it no one will. Everyone thinks I am paranoid about this and tell me to relax its soo annoying!!!! But I myself dont know what to do.
This is a really good video, go to you tube and type in God bless America from Verichip! You have to see it. THeir are so many other theories about how our government is soo corrupt but I will not get into that. I hate this!!!!! Wish it wasn’t happening. Me and my friends have decided that we are gonna own a farm and have everything we need there. 🙂

I’m awake and aware and have been for some time now. Ignorance is bliss right until the time you realize the it’s YOUR neck on the chopping block and the axe is falling…
If you ever doubted Bible prophecy, this should cause you to take a hard second look. Prophecy is being fulfilled.
Thanks for posting this, it needs to be heard!

Are you also aware that newer vehicles and newer cell phones are microchipped? They say it is for if you get lost or go missing they can locate you in case of an emergency. I think “Big Brother” has other motives.

This belonged in “Horses” why??

Microchipping animals is a good defense mechanism for identification should a pet ever become lost or stolen. Collars and tags easily come off – not a microchip! If states are banning the microchipping of pets, well that is just dumb.

I think you are being paranoid. Put in a good comedy movie and relax.

Already aware of it. Been up on this for awhile, especially since I have livestock. Thanks for trying to get this out. No way, no how, will any of my animals be chipped…and NO WAY…NO HOW will me or my family. Wake up people.


Holy cow
That’s scary

Ugh. I was already aware, but one thing for sure….


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