Question About The Movie, ‘Mean Girls’?

Compare the movie “Mean Girls” to real life.


Mean Girls is exactly like High School. All the girls are slutty and mean, and you have to look a certain way to fit in. You’ll be made fun of quite often. 🙁
I don’t want to go to High School! I was in 2nd grade when I watched that movie. I thought I was so cool because it’s rated PG-13. LOL.

I believe high school kids are getting a little better about realizing being shallow and rude is not cool. I just graduated and maybe my school is different but the “popular” kids were nice and smart and friendly to everyone. I just think movies like Mean Girls are people’s guilty pleasures.

its a little like high school but they exaggerate everything the clicks are not divided like that is not like the cheerleaders hang out all together and asian girls and nerds and pretty girls and stuff is different I’m spanish and I have friends that are white black spanish and asian (but i admit they’re mostly spanish) but still. and the “mean girls” are not that mean in real life I mean they say **** about you behind ur back but none of them would actually go around putting papers everywhere saying all those messed up things about people

I’ve graduated from high school several years ago, thank God.

I can tell you that the girls in the movie are a lot alike to girls in real life. Tina Fey wrote that movie for that exact reason.

Girls are vicious and competitive and will do whatever they can to get ahead.


High Schools DO have cliques sometimes, and there really are “queen bees” like regina george

I know a girl who went to the same High School as the guy who played Aaron Samuels (johnathan bennett)

So There 🙂

The cliques, the drama, the pressure to be “cool” all of these are very real things. Mean Girls kind of blows it out of preportion though.

Probably not even close to real life. The movie exaggerates.

I never have that problem when I was in high school. There were group in my high school, but there was anyone that was like the mean girl in the movie. I don’t know if there is a high school like that.

Mean Girls is pretty extreme, but watered-down versions of it happen in real life all the time.

Girls can be manipulative, cold-hearted beasts, so I don’t think there’s to much of a difference. It’s just not as funny in real life.

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