Sick of illegal Mexicans? How do you feel about this story?

My story.
I live in a world where I do not count. I am White. I am poor. I
don’t have coalitions rallying for what I feel is important. I don’t have
news reporters writing about “poor me”. But, I have views. I vote. I pay
taxes. And, I know there are millions of people in America just like…

That is a remarkable story that should evoke a measure of compassion and concern from any reader, even from the Mexicans and extreme liberals who claim they feel no empathy whatsoever simply because the description offered at the outset indicated that the writer was white. They are heartless and clueless to the numbers of U.S. citizens in tough circumstances who are no better off than many of the illegals here who have taken jobs our citizens are badly in need of. In the two Aztlan targeted states I’ve lived in since the mid-80’s, what were previously thought to be qualities important for employment opportunity such as education, training, experience or familiarity with the job, have been replaced by whether a candidate speaks Spanish, will work as an “on-call” worker, and whether a substandard wage is likely to be acceptable where payments under the table remove any need for tax contributions.

Being poor and white means we’re never supposed to have a place in the network set up to provide assistance for those in need in our society. I get where the writer is coming from, as do many millions of fellow Anglos. Too many have experienced job losses and limited opportunities while forced to watch from the sideline as favor is bestowed on others by virtue of subtle genetic differences our government has determined are worthy of supportive treatment and assistance we’ll never get.

I could recount a handful of stories describing treatment that should be objectionable to any reasonable human being as well, but I wouldn’t wish to diminish the impact of what was so clearly expressed here. Perhaps I’ll offer a single specific example, because of the unmistakable relationship to the point the writer clearly intended here. While attending the University of Texas to complete licensing requirements for teacher certification in the State of Texas, I was denied Pell Grant assistance by minority female financial aid counselors during consecutive years who insisted I was ineligible because of my prior degrees. Since certain post-graduate programs for professional credentials are allowable under the Pell Grant’s extensive rules, including “post baccalaureate courses that are required by a State for the student to receive a professional certification or licensing credential that is required for employment as a teacher in an elementary or secondary school in the State” (quoted from Pell Grant Eligibility rule 690.6), I objected and made clear that I expected to be handled in accordance with the Governments detailed eligibility rules and regulations. Of course, that accomplished little with the minority FA counselors who believed their own prejudices, bias and feelings about who should be eligible were more important than Government documents with specific rules and regulations, so what I was qualified for was never made available to me. Even as I write this, the relationship to the immigrant group who feel laws and government authority carry minimal weight in comparison to their personal preferences seems strikingly similar. While the repercussions from that disagreement at UT and what was denied me have followed me and magnified as far as outstanding debt, there are far more personal experiences and stories that could be recounted over damaging prejudicial treatment I’ve endured that others have found repugnant and more than unfortunate.

My point is not to try to compete with the very well written, carefully put together autobiographical story of someone who recognizes how twisted and blind our system has become. Where decisions are made solely on the basis of race or ethnicity, the subsequent fallout is likely to be less than satisfactory, and concerns about fairness and equal treatment under the law take a hit. In contrast, ignoring the law just because a substantial number of people want something done to benefit them or provide for their particular group moves the larger society down a pathway toward anarchy. We simply cannot say we don’t care for a law because it doesn’t serve my needs; it’s too restrictive and is altogether unacceptable.

What may trouble me the most about reading the comments and opinions always so easily offered up is the tone non-whites and a few extreme liberals took with less than kind words. The ugliness and hostility that so easily comes from their mouths, or off the keyboard in this case, is hard to fathom. But if that’s all the Mexican populace and far left leaning liberals want to be recognized for here, you’re doing a good job of convincing the rest of us you’re sub-human. Expressing nothing but disdain toward the writer, and communicating with angry, hateful responses tells everyone one more time how little reason there is to support law breakers being here. Believe me, we have enough of our own difficulties. We don’t need angry illegal immigrants endless attempts to justify actions that each individual knew was wrong from the day they set foot in our country. And doing so by attacking us personally will draw nothing but anger in return.

Please don’t bother belittling what should be heart-rending accounts of difficulties you cannot empathize with because it didn’t happen to one of your own. Most of us believe this is a tragic account that could describe the misfortunes of a significant percentage of our citizens who have been displaced and disenfranchised as a result of staggering numbers of illegals demanding to be catered to. The anger and hate speech you go to so easily smacks of xenophobia, according to the words truest form and definition.

You’re not serving yourselves well. And while many of us think you should be ashamed, we recognize from whence the words come. It’s hard to expect anything different from radical liberals and lawbreakers intent on arguing why rules are never to apply to them.

I gotta say that understand completely. I’ve got a friend who was entering a convenience store minding his own business when an uninsured, unlicensed illegal motorist drove into him and the store he was entering. Now he must to go to the Dr. once a month to have fluid drained from his spinal cord. No one will hire him even though he’s willing to sign a workman’s comp waiver in order to work. Insurance companies won’t insure him. He’s forced to be on social security and not even getting enough to support his family much less pay his mortgage. He would much rather be working. This state is a ‘no fault’ state and the person who hit him and the store got a $45 fine from a judge who said there was nothing else he could do.

Native Americans are some of the first in the US. When the Europeans came over they enslaved, moved, and murdered us. Every subsequent nationality that has come into the United States has been given the exact same treatment. They kill us, they take job from the hard working folks, etc. It’ll pass. It did for all of the other nationalities. Oh yeah, I forgot to add, bring on the thumbs down, because I know I’m gonna get them.

wow. well first and foremost let me say your story sounds like you want everyone to feel sorry for you. Like your looking for someone to blame your everyday struggles on instead of looking at what you can do to better your situation. Let me tell you something i completely agree with you on one thing, and that is that illegals are a huge problem in Arizona, and yes I have seen, many times in fact, a family of illegals buy 700 worth of food with their EBT card and haul it all off in a 2010 tahoe. But, what can you do about it? Is getting on yahoo and me labeling you a lazy racist the right way to get some health insurance or food? Not at all. Listen heres what you do. get a job! those illegals your ranting about are actually hard workers. Working under the table, doing jobs no body else would even consider doing. Before you go talking all that mess, you should step out of your “its cuz im white” box and be happy your white. Enjoy it while you can. Because the mexican AMERICANS are the new majority! get used to it!

Hey if you give this “illegal” citizenship then he will be able to pay the tax on all the money he was making and wouldn’t be working under the table. That is what we need to reform the process of legalization of illegals in this country. Many are necessary to this country and deserve to be considered American citizens. There are so many benefits and rights that are denied to a people because of a legal status when all they want is to be a lawful American citizen. Then you complain about the problems caused by this illegal status when you deny them of legality.

First to begin with this country does not belong to white people with all honesty. It belongs to the brown people (native Americans) so that means you don’t have to speak English at all. Or be Christian or celebrate Independence Day or pay taxes.

I’m sick of Illegal Aliens but I’m not against all Mexicans they have the right to be only If they Wait in Line, Pay a Fine, Speak English, Actually work, and Obey Our Laws, I’m also sick for Xenophobic Bigots who saying Deport only the Latinos and Blacks, but not the Asians and the Whites some are here Illegally too Legal or Illegal Mexicans are the same as the Chinese, Russians, Pakistanis, Kenyans, Nigerians, Israelis, The British, the French, the Italians, The Irish, the Polish, everyone is fair Game when it comes to Immigration they are only 2 people here Legal and Illegal and that’s goes for everyone.

I agree but let’s not do this by Racial Profiling them.

WE THE PEOPLE need to be able to do something that will get the attention of the crooks in Washington DC … I have a suggestion, abandon the Donkey & Elephant
ALL of the voters of this nation need to go and re-register as ANYTHING BUT a Democrat or Republican and thereby show the partisan crooks that WE THE PEOPLE disown their silly games and we want public servants who will serve OUR interests and not just the interests of GREED INC.

Lets Roll!

Stop bitching and being lazy and stop posting sob stories maybe that’s why you’re broke cause all you do is ***** why the hell did you have kids in the first place?

I feel your pain, dude, I really do. Hopefully the states will start doing something about it since obviously the feds do not give a damn about doing their duty.

Here are a couple stories that we experienced personally.

My wife works for Tyson Foods. One day a few months ago, the mgmt notified the employees that ICE had informed them they were gonna show up and check for compliance. (Nice of ICE to give them notice). 7 or 8 workers quit on the spot… all hispanics. A cpl days later, ICE does their check, and everyone left checks out ok. A week later, one of the girls who quit shows back up and tells a sob story about how she WAS illegal before, but now she has her papers. Yes, she lied and gave false papers before.. but THESE are her real papers… truly… “trust me”. She asked for her job back, and they rehired her using the new papers. 3 weeks ago, my wife is sitting in the lunch room, and this girl is bragging.. BRAGGING.. about how she and her husband both had full time jobs for Tysons (her husband works at a different facility 30 miles away) and not only do they have full time jobs, she went into Social Services and dragged two of her neighbors kids, claiming she was an unwed mother. She admitted she had no documentation, so they took her word for it, and so she and her husband who both have full time jobs, and no children, are also drawing food stamps, welfare check, and living in public subsidized housing.

Second story….
6 months ago I was in a local grocery store. I noticed a young hispanc lady pushing a cart FULL of food… not just staples, but steaks, frozen foods, pre-cooked stuff etc. You know, the expensive stuff my wife and I cannot afford. She has two children with her, and at the cash register, they are acting as interpreters for her as she could not speak English. She is checking out and whips out a food stamp card to pay for it all. I then see her, as she was leaving, meet up with her husband (they kissed so I assumed it is her hubby or something like that)… and as I follow them out of the store, they load up in a brand new, sticker still in window, Candy apple red Dodge Ram 4X4, tricked out with spinner hubs etc.. Later when I returned to the store, I was talking to the manager who is a friend of mine, and he informs me the hubby was wiring 5 grand back to Mexico. He can afford to wire 5 grand to Mexico, drive that new customized Dodge Ram Truck… and she is paying for expensive foods with FOOD STAMPS? WTF?!?!?!

Not sure I believe all your “story” but I do believe many of your allegations in reference to the handout’s to the undeserving illegals that are flooding the country, and I might add the lazy everybody else owes me a living group that is the professional welfare recipients.

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