Can i pass smog with Headers?? in Ca?

I have a 1989 chevy suburban 4×4 with a 350 throttle body injection im currently fixing the head gaskets and noticed my exhaust manifold is cracked badly i had them to begin with and was wondering if i can get away with slapping some affordable headers on there to boost HP and still pass smog ? i had a Trans Am…

as long as you can find a carb number for the headers, you should be ok. as long as you are running every thing else that is listed on the emission sticker including the o2 sensor(s).
a trans am with a 400, but ill bet that it was form the 70s, low compression and low power output.mine passed smog with lower output than a honda, but it supports 375 horses.

you can find 50 state legal headers from all the major header companies. especially for a small block chevy, they are everywhere. a smog pump was a horrible band-aid, by the way, you burb burns cleaner than your ta ever did.

i believe you can pass but you must have a cat conver on it if not just pay the guy a little extra thats what i do cause i got race header on my and cant pass so i just pay a hundred and get it passed but i know ca is strick so be careful

Yes the headers will be fine.

As long as you run the Catalytic converters and they are working properly you should have no problem. As long as you don’t live in California, then you probably won’t.

That 6.6 ltr. 403 olds engine would run.I would go to an inspection place and ask,heck they want your money

I dont think so….

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