10 Points and 5 stars for helping me?

Hello guys,
I need to know is this girl nice?
She’s the girl with the white thing on her head

Please tell me, she’s my best friend and she asked me to ask someone.Is her nose bog or eyes small?
Does she look pretty in the picture?
Please tell me

she is pretty 🙂
but the picture in not 100% clear, but she looks pretty

Yeah she looks pretty…seriously how many girls can look good without make up or a nice hairstyle to frame their face…shes a naturally pretty girl..nice warm eyes….i don’t think any of her features are unpleasant in any way

Of course she’s nice. I don’t see anything wrong with her. She’s a beautiful simple young Muslim girl. Everything is fine on her because Allah creates things the way He feels are best. Appreciate it. 🙂

Looks perfectly fine, her eyes are completely normal, and her nose is just the right size

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

She looks pretty. She would look better without half her head covered, but I’m sure that’s like a religious thing.

Ugly as hell and yea I couldn’t see the picture of her nose. Tell her that nicely.

lookes fine to me i think that self confidence is an issue if shes ur best friend i suggest u shower her with compliments then she wont feel like these questions are necisary

She looks very nice, nothing wrong with her.

haha you can see the guys *** crack a little bit

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