Can you see world war III coming ?!?

Do you see a nuclear world war if that happens what will happen to the earth ?!

More importantly, what will happen to us?
I’m sure the earth will find a way to take care of itself.

What you describe are a chain of (admittedly extreme) close by conflicts somewhat than a real international conflict. The conflicts depicted listed under are between classic enemies, somewhat than alliances. to illustrate, If Pakistan have been to defeat India, there are few eventualities under which Pakistani forces might then help, say, South Korean forces of their warfare against the DPRK. In an identical vein, could Israel occupy Lebabnon, might it then deliver forces to Taiwan? In different words, this subject as you have depicted it would not symbolize a international conflict, yet somewhat a chain of man or woman conflicts occurring on an identical time. this type of ingredient might symbolize a extreme risk to the international, yet except each and all the conflicts have been extra mutually in some unifying way, they might probable proceed to be compartmentalized. I.E. while the India/Pakistan conflict ends, it ends era. Indian and Pakistani forces does no longer connect different forces in different conflicts without reason.

Absolutely, I really can envision some crazed ego maniac with a hatred towards others so great that if they have a nuclear weapon would use it without realizing the consequences. Or even care about the end result. It is much more possible than people realize or want to think about.

It would be highly unlikely for there to be a world war 3. I believe no one is going to risk a nuclear holocaust. The nuclear weaponry is a great detriment.

They are very stealthy and evil

We are already in it and many don’t even know it

They will all know soon though – that is guaranteed as fact

Bush needs this war more than he needed 9/11 for Iraq

That in itself is a scary thought is it not!

Hitler invaded Poland, Belgium and France, was bombing Britain: Japan had invaded China and Southeast Asia. And many people still did not see WWII coming.

Um 30 nukes going off at one time will crack the entire crust of the earth..

Its Americas Plan C

Yahoo is censoring all my questions! What was wrong with this? R.I.P. FREE SPEECH 1776~2007 What do you think?…
I urge you to watch!
WWIII is already here! North American Union here we come!

Hate to tell you,l but it started. Have you heared of the global war on terror?

Well, for one thing, maybe earth will be rid of humans. win/win for mother earth

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