Christmas gift ideas for…?

Christmas gift ideas for my boyfriend
we have been going out for three years
he is a runner
and loves music
plays guitar
the gift cant be too expensive

christmas gift ideas for my mom?
christmas gift ideas for my step-dad?

christmas gift ideas for my friends?
something that is affordable to buy for…

Personally, I like Amazon’s gift center, here:…

Scroll down. On the left-hand side under “Most Popular” are the “most wished for” gifts, meaning those are the gifts that many people have put on their Amazon lists as things they want to receive. Choose a category like music, electronics or whatever and voila it will give you gift suggestions.

Also here is their complete music category:…

If all else fails, you can always get someone a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant. This is often a great gift, because everyone likes to go out to eat.

You do have to figure out what restaurants are close to their house though. To do this:

1. Go to

2. Type your relative’s address and click “Continue”.

3. Click “Restaurants”.

4. Click “All Restaurants”.

5. Click “Distance” to sort the restaurants according to how far away they are from your relative’s house.

This tells you which restaurants are closest to them. On the right-hand side under “miles” it tells you how many miles away from your relative’s house each restaurant is.

Choose a chain and buy the gift card there. For example, if a TGI Fridays is close to their house, go to your local TGI Fridays and pick up a gift card. Or you can choose a chain that sells gift cards on its Web site such as the Outback.

You can also type something into the search box at the top of the page to find out how far away from your relative’s house it is. For example, you could type “Outback” and it will list all the Outbacks and how far away they are.

Give your family gift cards to a certain place they like so they can do what they want and still have it free!!!!

Mom- cook books

step dad- power tool, watch, belt

firends- music, dvd, ipod…

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