Daily poll: how many horses do you have? <<Details!>>?

– How many horses do you have?
– What’s all of their names?
– What about their breeds?
– Heights of each horse?
– Do you ride every horse?
– What does every horse get used for?

I just own one horse. CJ is a buckskin 10 year old Fjord/Welsh Pony mare standing at 12.2 hands high. I use her for trail…

– How many horses do you have?
– What’s all of their names?
Ritchie and Poppy
– What about their breeds?
Thoroughbred and standardbred.
– Heights of each horse?
16.2hh and 14.2hh
– Do you ride every horse?
yes, I try to ride them bot 5-6 days a week.
– What does every horse get used for?
Ritchie gets used for dressage mainly and a little jumping.
Poppy is used for hacking bareback to the beach (1/2 and hour ride away) and we gallop and swim at the beach bareback. I also do tricks with her like giving kisses, hugs, lying down, bowing, shaking hands and lots more all on command. I do some stock work as well with her.

I have two horses of my own, but at work I have several that are my ‘responsibility’ 🙂
Mine are called Sugar (my mare) and Will (gelding)
Sugar is an Irish sport horse. And Will is a TB.
Sugar is 14.3hh and Will is 18.hh
Yes, I try and do 5 days a week, but with the race horses too sometimes my horses only get ridden a few times a week.
Sugar is my star jumper, we are competing at higher levels this year 🙂 and Will has only been of the race track about a year, so we are just attempting some dressage and he’ doing really well, bless him 🙂

CJ sounds lovely 🙂

Well, I have 9 horses but I will soon have a little foal 🙂 Heidi is an AQHA buckskin 15.1 hands 13 years old with palomino eyes, she’s mine and she’ll do whatever I have it in my head to do at that moment haha 🙂 Next, Is Bella she’s also AQHA and will be the foals mother she’s a buttermilk buckskin and is 8 years old and about 14.5 hands tall I’ve been training her as I only purchased her a few months ago already bred but I will be riding her as soon as she has this foal and I plan to barrel race her 🙂 Next, is my gelding he’s a grade paint that’s 13 years old and about 17 hands he’s black and white and incredibly lazy so he is my western pleasure horse 🙂 Next, are my mom’s horses she has, A registered appoloosa mare Freckles that’s about 20 years old and around 15 hands she’s mom’s western pleasure horse. Charlie is a grade quarter pony that is blind in one eye and has terrible sicle legs but he is still mom’s trail horse for shorter trails. George is a beautiful white arabian around 20y.o that we believe has good breeding but does not have papers (we have people stopping us asking”what is his breeding?” all the time) but he too is mom’s trail horse and once in a while show horse.Tank is a little grade POA pony around 13y.o that mom actually bought for me when I was littler but he bucked me off a few times and that was the end of it so Mom uses him as just a leadline pony now and he does great. Blue is actually an amish pony that we bought at an auction and is now our cart pony he’s a 4 year old and he’s a little sweetie he’s a tri colored buckskin paint with a blue eye. Chocoalate is an absolutely adorable grade miniature. he has a little doll face and big doe eyes and is just so cute 🙂 well I think that’s my collection 🙂

Too many.

The Welsh Cs: Cari, Mara, Aria, Squeak, Buzz, Lili, Poppy, Duck
The Welsh Bs: Rosie, Greta, Bumble
The Welsh As: Mascot, Bingo, Jango
Highlands: Scooby, Orin
Fell: Bracken
Show hunter ponies: Merry, Archie
Shetland: Fin
Dartmoor: George
Anglo Arab: Squishy
Arab: Phoenix
Small hunter: Lugs

Some are young’uns, some are OAP’s, one is in foal, and some are ridden. Some grey, bay, chestnut, black, and a palomino.

I have two and I ride them both.Penny is a chestnut Quarter Horse mare that’s 14.2 hh.I use her for trail riding,pleasure riding,barrels,and poles.Before she was my horse she was my sister’s horse and she used her for eventing,jumping,trail riding,and the occasional western gaming shows.Penny is 24 years old and surprisingly she’s in better shape than some of the younger horses that are boarded where I am.
Sunny is a Black and Paint Paint gelding that’s 15.2-15.3hh.Right now he’s just in training I do use him for trail riding sometimes but that’s it.I hope to use him just as a pleasure horse.He just needs a lot more work since things just don’t click in his head at all.He’s 6 years old.

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1 – Just the one
2 – Eastlands Belt Knowe (Eric)
3 – Connemara
4 – 14.1hh
5 – He’s the only one I have, so yes.
6 – we do a lot of flat work and a little jumping and hacking if I have the time. We show in M&M classes at county level and my mum does Veteran Horse Society showing classes with him too. I dabble in dressage every now and again.

How many horses do you have?
I own 8 horses
– What’s all of their names?
Max, Sparky, Emmie, Dylan, Lady, Isabella, Blossom, Harry
– What about their breeds?
Max is a welsh show cob
Sparky is a welsh section B
Emmie is a shetland cross
Dylan is a welsh section D foal
Lady is an irish sports horse
Isabella is a miniature shetland
Blossom is a miniature shetland
Harry is a miniature horse/shetland

– Heights of each horse?
Max – 14.3hh
Sparky – 13.1hh
Emmie – 11.2hh
Dylan – 13.2 (currently)
Lady – 15.2 hh
Izzy – 32inches
Blossom – 34inches
Harry – 30inches
– Do you ride every horse?
No i can only ride 3 , Max, Sparky, Emmie
– What does every horse get used for?
Max is my show cob i compete alot on him
Sparky is my mums little hacking pony
Emmie is our stubborn little mare who only goes backwards haha!
the others are all rescued so just live a happy life 🙂

– How many horses do you have? Three.
– What’s all of their names? Rashi, Kayda, Tehya.
– What about their breeds? All appys.<3
– Heights of each horse? 14.1 and growing, 14 and growing, 15 and growing.
– Do you ride every horse? Only the last, lightly. The other are only two and a yearling. 🙂
– What does every horse get used for? Speed, the others will be a “boyfriend” horse and hacking, possibly speed.

I have one.
Her name is Tizzy.
She is Arabian with a quarter Quarter horse.
She is 12 hands.
Yes I ride her.
She used to be a barrel racing horse in the Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo and is now retired as she is 17 years old so I just use her for pleasure riding.

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