Do you see the Tampa Bay Devil Rays making the postseason in 2008? Why or why not?

Do you see the Tampa Bay Devil Rays making the MLB Playoffs either as the 2008 American League East Divison Champions or the American League Wild Card Winners? Why or why not?

Neither because they just dont have enough pitching and good hitters to compete YET in the Al even less in the Al East with the Yankees and the red sox

Their chances are just above the Marlins and a few other teams.

I think any other division, especially in the national league, the Devil Rays could be a fine team, but they play in the A.L. east, so they play more games against the Yankees and the Red Sox.

I do like their moves signing Troy Percival and Matt Garza. They really needed that improvement. And they always have a good hitter ready to break out every year. Last year, they had Carlos Pena, B.J. Upton, Brendan Harris, Akinori Iwamura, and Delvin Young all have break out years. And pretty soon they’ll have Evan Longoria in the big leagues.

The Devil Rays are close. Maybe three more consistent relievers and a solid David Price( their 1st pick in the 2007 Baseball Amateurs Draft) and they’ll give the Yankees and Red Sox a run for their money.

I don’t see them making the Postseason for a long time.

1. They play in the American League.
-They play in such a league where the only way to get into the playoffs is to win 95 games.

2. They play in the AL East.
-To make it easier for teams, teams will usually just go after the division for an easy playoff appearence. However this is every hard for the Rays, because they play in the East with the Red Sox, Yankees, and Blue Jays.

3. Offense
-They have a decent offensive unit starting with Baldelli and ending with Pena. These guys could probably rank somewhere high in the rbi rankings.

4. Pitching
-These guys have the 2nd worse pitching in the MLB, only in front of the Texas Rangers. They don’t have a good bullpen (5.14 team Bullpen ERA) and a 4.89 starting ERA.

2008 Tampa Bay Ray outcome: 72-90.

NO they are still too young and not expiernced enough, and they play in the American League East. They can’t beat the Yankees or Redsox, they just don’t have enough. They lack a bullpen and their starting pitching neeeds work.

are they improved? yes
there young guys have more experience, and they have made some good offseason moves too, but they are still in a brutal division, Boston is still amazing, and the rays just arent up to the jays or yankees levels, i think theyll be competitive, maybe near .500, but theyll be in 4th a few games below the yankees

The Rays have a good core group of young players but as long as their owner is not willing to spend some money to acquire those three or four players they are short every year they will never contend.

I see the Red Sox repeating as AL East Champs….
I see the Rays on May 3rd I can’t wait

yes easy they have a superb staff this year with kazmir and fosum helping out and their infield defensively will rank elite they will finish first in the east with a record of 99-63

no too many good teams in the AL
plus they suck, and they always will, i hope the MLB moves them from Tampa, to somewhere fans come to watch

Devil Rays…. playoffs???


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