Does Senate candidate Mark Kirk think everything is ok now that he has apologized?

Does Senate candidate Mark Kirk think everything is ok now that he has apologized for making inaccurate statements about his service in the Navy Reserves,and other inaccurate statements?

He comes from one of the most politically corrupt states in the union. I have a method to detect when politicians are lying. Strange as it may seem, there is one nasty habit that none of the politicians have been able to get away with when lying, THEY MOVE THEIR MOUTHS.

Kirk’s comments about being shot at over Iraq was a bit reminiscent of Hillary’s blunder when she said that she was being shot at and having to duck her head when she visited there.

Oh yes…he is a republican…and apparently Orrin Hatch thinks it is acceptable now that one from the home team of NO had a problem…but wait, ONLY republicans can do that! You know the double standards of the republicans!

Sen. Orrin Hatch’s (R-Utah) bill making it illegal to air misleading public statements about one’s military service would not apply to Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), a spokeswoman for the senator indicated Tuesday.

Hatch’s Stolen Valor Act came in response to Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal’s admission that he had incorrectly said that he served in the Marines “in” Vietnam rather than “during” the Vietnam War.

Wow this sounds like Richard Blumenthal that lied about his military record. I don’t remember you asking any question on Richard Blumenthal lying on his military record. Fact is, it’s ok when democrats lie and apologized but not republicans.

Both (R) Mark Kirk and (D) Richard Blumenthal should drop out cause failure to tell the truth.

Well, I know some Illinois veterans who will either stay home or vote Democrat now because of his false service claims (You don’t claim military honors or medals that don’t belong to you).

do you ever get tired of asking questions?Hey another politician that lied about his military service,i,m just shocked!!!!

He probably knows that he’s toast.

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