Don’t you hope something epic kills off the popularity of angsty, whiny pop-punk (in the vein of Blink 182)?

I think the rise of crappy autotune rap (i.e. Lil Wayne and Drake) is much worse than Blink 182

I actually think whiny emo pop punk is already dead and is being taken over by autotune bullshit wannabe rap. I’m not a fan of either genre. But I also haven’t heard Blink 182 or bands like it come on the radio in years. BTW your anti-Kardashians screen name is AWESOME 🙂

relies upon what you’re conversing about. As in woman Gaga and LMFAO? Or actual dance manufacturers like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, SHM, Arty and Hardwell? Cuz abode/trance/progresive FTW!!! and for my section i imagine Blink 182 is magnificent.

What’s wrong with Blink-182?

Holy cheese, yes. These past few years have been ridiculous with the popularity of whiny pop-punk. It drives me insane.

I assume that you haven’t listened to Auto-tune before. You’ll hate it as soon as you start listening to it.

Stop hating on them, haters have small Penis’. I hope something epic kills you off and your small penis.

How many accounts do you have exactly?

Don’t listen to it then… You have control over what you listen to.

lol u so ignorant

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