Driving test theory test?

If you fail the theory test 1st time and pass the theory test 2nd time then pass the practical test 1st time would you call yourself a 1st time passer on your driving test?? (family arguement) I say 1st time my partner says 2nd time. Thanks

2nd time pass. No question about it. Paid twice. failed once. Passed second. You might have passed the theory & failed the practical first time. I passed my test in 1979 when theory was just 3 or 4 questions in the car before setting off & was part of the test. If you failed that, you failed the test. So if you fail the theory, you fail the test.

Personally, I reckon, if you fail your theory test first time, you DESERVE to be teased about it. I have just taken my theory test, and despite 2 weeks of worry, as I waited to sit it, it was the EASIEST exam I have ever sat. I got all 50 questions correct, and got 66 points out of 75 for hazard perception, and walked out of the exam room 17 minutes after walking in, despite being given around an hour and 15 minutes to complete the lot. Mind you, I DID work extremely hard, practicing from a good C.D. rom, I bought .

Seriously though, I would say, if you passed your practical test first time, then that’s what really counts, as that’s the hard bit (I’m dreading it) I think your partner is teasing, or there’s sour grapes!!!!!

If anyone asked me if I had passed first time I would assume they meant the driving bit anyway and would have said I was a first time passer. Theory tests count for nowt because they are so easy (ho ho, just kidding). Seriously tho, you’re a first time pass!

What teasers! When they want a lift tell them where to go!

definatley first time. theory does not count. how many drivers remember and actually use the theory on the road? it’s all common sense

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