How is Ron Paul foregin policy dangerous and he receives more endorsements from the army than anyone else?

U.S Military & Veterans Want Ron Paul For President 2012
Michael Scheuer Endorses Ron Paul – Former head of the Bin Laden Unit for the CIA

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: “Ron Paul’s Policy/Perspective on Iran Most…

It is dangerous to those who profit from the wars. Its means their gravy train is OVER!

His foreign policy is a little radical. Do liberals really stay out of people’s business? (Ron Paul has said at debates that America needs to mind its own business) I wish the democrats and liberals would stay out of our everyday lives, they love to say they do but enforce so many laws on us that they act like they want to dictate how every body lives. Seems hypocritical to me. Just look at San Francisco and the rest of California, they have so many laws that I don’t even think they know what they are anymore! So how the libs, democrats and some independents say “Ya lets mind are own business” sounds like good advice to me! However, Ron Paul is opening up a can of worms, he will bring the terrorists into our own backyard by playing nice guy, and I truly believe Paul is a nice guy. However I dont know if that is the right tactic against people that want to see America fall. Here comes the thumbs down. lol

Let me preface this answer by saying that I agree with Ron Paul on a whole slew of issues and that he is good for the debate on the issues where I don’t agree. I disagree with him where he wants to take a no-position regarding Iran, North Korea and similar tin pot dictatorships that have really have it in them the eff up the world. We should be taking a hard position as against these people. That being said – I don’t see why we have such a huge boots on the ground presence in places like Germany and Japan. Even in South Korea, we should be playing back up via the Air Force and Navy. We should let these guys put more of their own people in uniform.

Most sudden change for most folks seems scary.
Once Ron Paul implements traditional Constitutional foreign policy most will see the benefits of it.

Great links and you are right Ron Paul receives more donations from Veterans and military than any other candidate, the only one could beat him was Obama in 2008 Presidential candidacy. And to your question many Americans are programed and conditioned to believe that other people of the world want to inflict harm or evil on them and they are jealous of their freedoms which is obviously a lie and a catalyst for more wars under a bunch of lies.

Ron Paul’s foreign policy isn’t dangerous it’s the only sane one coming out of the candidates.

Just depends on whether you think that the U.S. can defend itself adequately without preemptive attacks. Not to mention that some Nations don’t have the ability to defend themselves with out the help of the U.S.A. We live in a time when somebody can push a button practically a world away & blow up millions of people with in minutes. I mean it’s kind of like when they started developing large powerful & accurate cannons & medieval castles first started becoming obsolete. No longer could you just sit behind your castle in a favorable position. Cause the cannons could blow your impenetrable & well guarded castle(fortress) to smithereens.

I tend to agree that if you don’t give people a reason to attack they’re not going to attack. But there are people who think that some will attack without provocation & you have to be prepared to stop that before it happens. I don’t necessarily agree but it’s out there.

I heard that 70% of all contributions for Reps go to Ron Paul from military and federal workers. kind of says something, doesn’t it? he’s not so much an isolationist as people make him out to be. just wants to take care of Americans first. now that would be different.

I would feel safer with Ron Paul as president, and less safe with any of the others. People are apparently twisting his words, and obscuring his views. It’s silly, and I hope he wins.

He does not believe in unnecessary wars. He is supported by the troops because they know he understands wars, having served himself. His foreign policy will bring peace to the world and save us money and blood.

The American people got fooled when told there was no weapons of mass destruction. 5,580 Kurds won’t tell you because every man, woman and child died in that Northern Iraqi village. Remember we told Iraq we was coming months before we went in. They had time and plenty of it to move it out of country. That was the answer to second half of your question. For the first part. Not all military supports Paul. Yours is just a sampling.

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