I need 20 dirty questions to ask a guy i like?

My friend and i are playing 20 questions but i ran out of ideas – we’ve been playing for a few hours now – any suggestions??? we are 15

Has someone saved your life? If so when?

What is your favorite NFL football team?

Have you ever been in love?

What is your favorite T.V. show?

How many girls have you dated this year and who were they?

Do you think that you are a player?

What are your favorite sports? What sports do you play?

What is your favorite movie?

What job do you want to have as an adult? (If in school.) What are you majoring in? (If in college.)

what is your favorite store to shop at?

Who was your first make out?

How far would you go with someone? (Make sure that you tell them first how far you would go also.)

Are you waiting till marriage?

Who is your best friend?

Have you ever cheated?

Do you think you would ever want to date me? ( If you aren’t already dating.)

What is your favorite restaurant?

If I was to just turn up at your door how would you react and what would you say?

How would you describe me using only one word?

Have you ever lied in one of your answers during the game?

If you had three wishes and you could wish for anything in the world what would you wish for?

What would you do if I died?

How many girls have you dated this year?

Who was your first kiss?

What is your favorite animal?

Would you more likely win a fight between Batman or Spiderman…why?

If you had to go out with someone who would you go out with?

What’s bad habit of yours?

Have you ever done something that you are ashamed of?

Ask him if he has ever kissed a girl, then ask who was the first girl he ever kissed.
1. Whats your favorite thing about girls? (get his mind warmed up)
2. Do you like soft sensual kisses?
3. Do you like intense, passionate kisses?
4. What do you think about bras and panties?
5. What flavor lipgloss do you like best, on a girl?
6. Holding hands in public…yes or no?
7. Do you like kissing or general public displays of affection in public?
8. What is your ideal first date?
9. How long should a bf/gf wait and or date before going to 1st base?
10. 2nd base?
11. 3rd base?
12. Home run? (hehehe)
13. How many gf’s has he had?
14. Has he had sex?
15. If yes…with how many girls? If no…why not? (is he waiting for something in particular?
16. Could he sleep side by side with a girl he was attracted to and not “get wood”?
17. What are his thoughts on masturbation?
18. Does he liked shaved “kittycats” or natural?
19. Has he ever had phone sex?
20. Would he like to? (hehehe)

Hope this helps!

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I need 20 dirty questions to ask a guy i like?
my friend and i are playing 20 questions but i ran out of ideas – we've been playing for a few hours now – any suggestions??? we are 15

You’re 15. Any 20 dirty questions I can come up with should not be used by 15 year olds. Just stick to asking about each other’s family, friends, movies, music, and food. And if you’re really keen on flirting, then just ask about how many girls he’s kissed. or if he’s ever had a french kiss. Don’t push your questions too far, or you’ll grow up too fast.

have you ever ****** a girl in her *** and then you can have some trying to get guys to kiss and then you will show them a little sumn thats always intersteing but was never worth it to me of course then theres always would you and your best friend have sex with a girl at the same time take ya pick

Ever masturbated?
Ever had sex?
Ever masturbated to a picture of a girl you know?
Ever seen a girl naked?
Do you want me to get naked?
Do you dare me to get naked?
Do you know I’m just kidding?
How many girls have you kissed?
Really, your imagination is your best weapon!

do you sleep nakes?
what’s your celebrity crush?
what is your favorite part of the famale body?
are you circumsized?
do you like slutty girls or innocent girls?
would you rather date a girl that looks innocent, but is a lion on bed or a slutty girl that is not good at bed?

would you bath with someone in your house?

would you shower with me?
what do you like about a girl?

i need to kknow this too!

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