If abraham was the first jew?

And also the founder of judaism, the physical and spiritual ancestor of the jewish people, and one of the patriarchs of judaism and a model for all future jews.and if abraham lived and died a jew 4,500 years before mohammad became the first muslim, how did abraham become a muslim? jesus is said to have been the…

Abraham was the father of Isaac and Ishmael.

Isaac was the father of Jacob,

Jacob whose name was changed to Israel was the farher of Judah.

Judah was the father called patriarch of the tribe of Judah.

Ishmael had 12 sons translated Dukes or Princes that are the forefathers of the nations in the middle east today.

Abraham was the great grandfather of Judah and the father of Ishmael.

Allah is the moon god. Allah is known as the moon god to everyone with knowledge of world religions except the followers of Islam.

The symbol of Islam is a cresent moon with a star. The moon has long been a symbol of the adversary.

Abraham was not the first Jew. Jew is actually a descendant of Judah. Judah was the great grandson of Abraham through Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel.
Abraham’s name has it’s etymology in ancient Semitic language and means, loosely, Father of Nations. Abraham is considered the common ancestor of the Hebrews (including Jews), Arabs and other Semitic peoples of the Middle East.
Abraham was not the first “Jew.” The religion which is popularly called Judaism was in fact founded by Moses several generations after Abraham.

Jesus was not the first Christian. Jesus was Jew from Judea, the land named after Judah. The only religion he ever practiced was Judaism. Christians belive that Jesus was the Messiah or Christ. This is where the term Christian comes from. The word Christ comes from the Greek, khristos, meaning annoited one. This word is in turn the Greek translation of the Hebrew meshias meaning annoited one.

In the Hebrew of the Old Testament there are two names used for God : Yahweh and Eloi. This second name is the one Jesus used on the cross when he cried out Eloi, Eloi. Lama sabactanai.
This name is essentially the same as Allah- in a different Semitic dialect.

(12:37) Joseph replied, “I will tell you their interpretations before the food you get comes to you. This ability of making interpretations is a part of the knowledge that my Lord has bestowed on me. The fact is that I do not follow the ways of those people who do not believe in Allah, and deny the Hereafter

12:38) I follow the Way of my forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: it is not for us to associate anyone with Allah as partner. This is Allah’s bounty upon us and upon all mankind (that He has not made us the servants of any other than Himself), yet most people are not grateful

As a muslim, and muslims do believe the above statement of the very fact as grandson talking about him in Excellencies as a Prophet.

So a little advice if u really wish to know the truth you are free and if not then that’s
Yr problem, but Prophet Abraham(aleyhi salaam has never been Yahudiya wala Nasraniya.

You cannot be a muslim unless you
a) submit to the will of god
b) testify that Mohammad is is his last messenger.
DId Abraham do that?

By mixing two languages it is a play on words. Muslim in Arabic may or may not mean someone who submits to God, but in English it is someone who adheres to the Islamic faith. So by the English definition, none of the OT prophets or Christ were Muslims.

“To submit to the one and only god” this definition came about with advance of Islam and not before.

Abraham was not a jew, and his religion was much different than the jews.
The history of the Hebrew people have multiple religions.

Abraham’s religion was that of El Lyon and El Shaddai.

Moses’s religion was that of Amun-Ra.

Solomon’s religion was that of Asherah.

The House of Judah’s (Jews) religion was that of the wargod Yahweh.

Daniel’s religion (which became the official Persian religion) was different, as well. Can’t remember the name of it offhand, and don’t feel like looking it up at the moment.

And towards the end of the Persian occupation, one gets a combination of Amun-Ra and Yahweh, called El Yah, which some scholars think that the followers adopted the old name Allah for, because of the similar sound.

Etc, etc.

A Muslim is one who believes in one God and obeys his commandments, believes in his messenger and the revelation he brought regardless at what time that person lived.

Those who followed Abraham, Moses, Jesus etc and their revelations were also Muslims. A Muslim is simply one who believes in God and submits his will to Him.

Today, the prophet and revelation we have is Muhuammad and the Quran, Before him it was Jesus and revelation he brought, and so on.

Islam wasn’t invented by Muhammad.

The name Allah is the same word for God used in the Arabic Bible or Torah.

Paganism is a deviation of Islam which is the religion ordained by God for mankind.

answer: Abram replaced into no longer born a Jew or Hebrew – he grew to grow to be the 1st Hebrew/Jew while G-d noted as him and instructed Abram to leave his living house and worship G-d and in basic terms G-d. Abram agreed. Abram’s call replaced into replaced to Abraham via G-d and replaced into promised to be the daddy of large international locations and that G-d’s covenant would be with Abraham’s descendants via Isaac. G-d noted as Isaac Abraham’s “in basic terms” son even nevertheless Abraham had slept with Sarah’s slave and had a newborn older than Isaac (Ishmael). G-d reported he would look after Ishmael and that Ishmael may be the founding father of an magnificent us of a yet that he would be an wild a** of a guy who would be against all of us and that G-d’s covenant replaced into no longer with Ishmael yet Isaac. Hagar replaced into in no way Abraham’s spouse. She replaced into Sarah’s slave and not between the matriarchs. Abraham’s descendants via Isaac grew to grow to be the Hebrews who have been later common as Jews. Abraham replaced into no longer a Muslim, it fairly is a ludicrous attempt to lower back engineer Islam into background the place it did no longer exist. in addition they declare that they hint lower back to Ishmael even nevertheless Ishmael grew to grow to be a pagan and the Arabs have been pagans for hundreds of years till Mohammad had diverse interplay with Jewish and Christian retailers and based his very own type of monotheism.

Again, you fail to actually to read scipture.

The same religion has been given through multiple prophets, then it becomes corrupted over time each time.

According to Qur’an, Abraham was not Jewish, nor would he be called a Muslim by our contemporary use of the word.

By the natural use of the word, to submit to God, he was indeed a muslim.

Judaism was established through Moses, many years after Abraham.

Edit to Clondarf, Close but no cigar. Abraham was the Father of Jews and Arabs and you are correct Judaism is through Judah one of the twelve sons of Jacob, Abraham is the Father of the Israelites especially because God’s covenant was through Issac. There is the point you misunderstand that and the name of God is not Elohim and Allah is not a semetic form of Elohim.
Allah is not from the God of Abaham who is YHWH and he is Elohim. Elohim is not the name of YHWH but pertains to his deity. Elohim comes from the word El and El is not Ilah which is the specific Arabic word god. Allah comes from the words Al meaning “the” and Ilah meaning “god”.
Al Ilah is not the God of Abraham but the chief pagan god of Arabs.
Muhammad attempted to merge the pagan god Allah with the true God of Abraham.
Muhammad lacked the understanding and knowledge of God because he did not know him.
Whether Allah means god or God or whatever Allah means has no impact on the clear fact that the god Allah is not in agreement with the Word of God nor the prophets of God.
Muhammad could not be a prophet of YHWH even according to his own book that instructs Muhammad that if he had doubts about the revelation he was receiving he should check with those who read the previous scriptures.
The truth is Islam calls the Bible corrupt because the Quran is not in agreement with God but is in agreement with Satan in the Bible.
The Quran itself instructs Muhammad to confirm his revelation (The Quran) with the previous scriptures..Had Muhamamd done as instructed, he like all Muslims would have found his book was not in agreement with the word of God…which means Muhammad could not confirm his revelation was from God even according to his own book.
Now if we read the true word of God we see God also gave us all instructions beginning with the first books he gave to man, the books of Moses called Torah. God instructs us throughout his word that all prophets have to be in agreement with the word of God and with the words of the prophets.

Moses instructs us not to follow a man who claims to be a prophet and teaches different from the word of God we have, even if this man performs miracles and they come to pass.

God gave us his word that we could trust to confirm all of the propehts and all of the scriptures.
So unless God received a head wound and lost some of his intellegence he would surely see that if a prophet could not be confirmed by him we could not logically follow that prophet.

So here we have the Bible demonstrating Muhammad is a false prophet and the Quran confirming Muhammad is a false prophet. So unless you are waiting for God to make a verbal announcement Muhammad is clearly a false prophet.

Yes he was according to Judaism

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