Is the Coast Guard And Air Force Hard to get into?

I really want to go right to the coast guard right out of highschool, of course basic training is first, but is it hard to get into the coast guard?If i cant get into the coast guard i plan on trying for the air force, my Brother In law is currently in it and loves it, but i heard they its pretty hard to get itnot…

They only take people who score well enough on the ASVAB, which is a test of your academic knowledge, and not knowing when to use “are” instead of “is” or “too” instead of “to” could hurt you. Oh and knowing what to capitalize and what not to can be quite important.

It is actually harder to get into all branches now, but the Coast Guard and the Air Force are probably the hardest. The best way to ensure that you get into any one of the branches is to make sure that you qualify up front. Make sure that you meet the physical and weight requirements of each branch. In addition, get a asvab study guide so that you score high. You need to know that you might have to wait a year before you actually ship to your basic for either branch. I would be patient and wait if this is your choice. Do not be in a rush.

Good luck.

According to College Board, West Point and USAFA both have 14% acceptance rate while Navy has a 10%. However, if you look at the middle 50% of freshman test scores you see that West Point has: Math 580-670, Verbal 560-660; USAFA: M 630-700 V 600-680; Navy: M 600-700 V 570-700. According to Forbes, West Point is the #1 Public college with a 12.75% admittance rate with USAFA #2 with 14% and Navy #4 with 12%. According to US News for the Fall of 2008, West Point had a 15.7% acceptance rate and #14 of Liberal Arts Programs, USAFA a 18.2% and #1 in the West Region of Baccalaureate Programs and Navy a 13.9% and #19 of Liberal Arts Programs. (Different Categories because Army and Navy award over half their degrees to liberal arts apparently while USAFA awards less than half to liberal arts.) I’m sure there are probably various other sources to throw out various numbers as well, but there are the first few easy to search ones I found off google. I forgot to throw in Coast Guard appearantly, but it shouldn’t take much work to use those same sources to check them out.

I think the coast guard is the easiest to get into. It also has the shortest enlistments.
If you make into the 90s on your ASVAB, and/or want an MOS/rate/job that is in need they will take you. It is getting harder to get waivers for anything, because the air force just doesnt need people right now. Don’t get discouraged, just choose an MOS (job) that they need (as long as you have real interest in it!) and they will take you, as long as you qualify (Every job has ASVAB qualifications, if you do well enough you should qualify for every job) You won’t know until you go to your recruiting office and take that ASVAB! If you are interested in language, I recommend you also take your DLAB (Language study is in Monterey, CA it is so much fun!), there are a few other tests for other jobs, as well, should you qualify your recruiter will let you know.
Look up the different jobs on the air force website, and choose!
Of course you could always go Navy, it is a little easier to get into, just don’t get fooled into joining ANY branch without a job! If deployed, you could be stuck without a real job for years! Recruiters do this sometimes just to get the credit for you graduating boot! It will waste a ton of your time where you cannot advance and you will be painting or cleaning or something else menial.
It is pretty hard right now to get into any decent job unless you have half a brain. No waivers.
I originally went to join air force, but they were so non-chalant about everything that I went Navy.
Just do your research online before you talk to the recruiter, they are basically used car salesmen. They may not necissarily lie, but they will omit and stretch the truth.
Truthfully, it all depends on which job you want, and what your interests are, each branch is fundamentally different.
Good Luck!

It’s EASY entering either branch, as long as you pass your ASVAB, have no medical conditions, and have no criminal history.

The tough part is getting the job you want, especially the Air Force b/c they are SO overmanned right now. The only jobs that you’ll get to ship out right away are the mechanic jobs…you can forget about administrative jobs b/c they are full.

If I were you, I’d go with the Coast Guard simply b/c I would love the water and maritime law, but that’s just me.

yes the USAF and USCG are the pickiest branches
as long as u get a nice asvab score you should be fine tho =]

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