Is this a typical Cancer thing?

I liked this cancer guy for so long. I haven’t talked to him but I’ve observed him. He had a girlfriend and his girlfriend loved him, after 8 months they broked up and after 2 months he went out with another girl, they lasted for 2 years and after a month he had a new girl friend. Do Cancer men rarely truly…

awww. You are the sweetest thing! Lol, i remember u posted thIs in an answer to my question, but i cant add details to questions on my mobile phone. In my experience, cancer people are the most well-meaning sign of the zodiac. I have no problem trusting cancer people. In fact, i would trust them with my heart, soul, everything. I’m also a cancer too so i understand them and i see their loyalty. I’ve never ever felt betrayed by a cancer, always felt that they did everything with utmost regard for my feelings. Anyway, i dunno why ppl always Say cancer guys are players–hell no! I’ve gotten to know quite a few and they are far from, in fact they arent even much interested in sex, which is really rare for a guy. About the girl who broke out in hives–damn! Lol…sorry to hear that, this guy and you must have really not been compatible at all—the first thing that comes with true love is trust. I for one need more space than most people i know, and i am pretty much always doing things by myself. I’m flexible, i could have it either way. All the cancers ive met arent even clingy, but they are sweet and dedicated to their friends. The reason why i feel that he got a new girlfriend is cuz we cancers tend to fall in love quickly. We have a crush on someone and right away we know there is substance between us. We have strong feelings, so crushes are never light.

But awww good luck:). And no worries, i also feel very shy about talking to my crush. But i’ve realized with time that ..actually the guys that i couldnt get myself to talk to, i did that because i sensed some sort of friction between us. Like i felt that he was kind of rude or mean, so i didnt want to talk to him and get hurt. I think that in true love there is no fear, and u find it easy to be friends :)…there isn’t that hesitation and extreme shyness, dontcha think?

Cancers tend to be in love with love. Both males and females can be either one extreme or the other- a family man/woman or a free spirit, jumping from one lover to the next. The latter type give us a bad name and many confuse us as “players”. But every affair with a Cancer will be intense and completely serious, no matter how long. Cancers are probably the most emotional sign of the zodiac. Therefore, everything they do comes from their heart.

Cancer men hate being alone, so they tend to keep their options open. If their emotional needs are not fulfilled, they will ensure their physical needs are to fill the void. They do seem to be players.

I did have two long-term Cancer mates, and Cancers to tend to always want to be in a relationship. It is their nature to love and to be loved. Cancers nurture. That is what they do. How can one nurture if there is no one around to nurture? Cancer feels empty without a loved one to care and nurture and love. They love the home and family. I imagine they feel “incomplete” without one to love and to be loved. Eating dinner alone is not for a Cancer. They love to be “together” with their loved one all the time, 24-7. This is not a problem for them, but it can often be a problem for their mates. Many signs, like my Aquarius nature, require “space.” Cancers have no idea what “space” is and even get upset when you try to explain to them (nicely at the beginning of the relationship) how necessary it is to have some time alone. To be alone with ones thoughts. To enjoy ones solitude. Since there is no understanding of why someone would want some space (as most Cancers do not require the space necessity that others often do) unfortunately these “nice discussions regarding space can turn into arguments. How can you explain that you need space to someone that has no concept of “space” even is? Very frustrating. One of my Cancers mates once told me to get in my car and drive around for my “space.” necessity. As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well with me. I wanted space in my own home in my own time and….I just wanted to be alone!!!! Both Cancer mates were like this and it literally drove me nuts! They both thought that I wanted to meet another lover. The “love” wasn’t the issue. I loved them both. “Space” was the issue. They never got it. Never. So I am going to agree with you that Cancers to want to always have a mate. And I also do believe that they fall in love. But with the “smothering” type of love that they dispense, it is difficult for most to handle. I went to the doctor with “hives” all over my face, and he said it was caused from stress. I told him about the “space” issues I was trying to deal with, and the doctor said that I needed to tell him to leave as it was literally making me miserable. And so I did. And the hives went away. We did continue to see each other after I healed, but we did not live together again. So yes, I do believe that this is quite typical for many Cancers to find a new mate as quickly as they can after they “lose” the current mate. Cancers just don’t like to be alone. At least not alone for long. Not all, but many. I am so happy when you said that you had been observing him. I frequently ask that we observe others instead of believing what they say, as people can “say” anything. But that behavior reveals the truth about another every time. People are more easily understood after observing them as they behavior eventually reveals whether he/she is what you are truly looking for in a mate or a friend. So great observation! Proud of you! Good luck to you and bless you too.

They tend to be players if they cant be fulfilled completely

They are romantics – they want the full package

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