My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With His Own Cousin?

I am absolutely devastated, I have been with my boyfriend since I was 18, I’m now 26 and so is he, I always thought he loved me although he checks out other girls when I’m with him. I am just heart broken right now, I feel like someone has pulled my heart out of my chest and stepped on it. I just feel so…

Blessings, that is so sad and kind of sick for taking advantage of His own young cousin, you can fix the problem so easy if you really want to just tell her mom and dad and hope your boy friend will leave her alone. You need to forgive him for your baby, but we are different i will never get intimate with him again, because it can happens again and he has to be careful because she can go to the cops and he can go to jail for messing with a minor. Good luck take it easy and take good care of the baby.

The worse thing is that the guy could import STD to the house, because it is hard to tell if he only sex with this young lady or he has some street ladies. Since you love each other, make sure that you put pressure on him to stop messing around with his cousin which is a very stranger relationship. Try to find a Counselor for him. Lastly look at the relationship from different angle and see whether you really think the way you are will make better future for you and your son. Your at risk in some ways, the guy may get convict of child abuse or drug and end up behind cell, or STD is at high risk of coming in. You sound innocent better to workout the situation.

Honestly he doesn’t deserve you you can get a better father for your son you can find a better person then him. THat is disgusting with his own cousin who is soo much younger y would you want that type of man around your son and influence him. God forbid your son may become just like him. Over time you will get over him, because obviously with such a bad person it really isn’t meant to be. He is obviously not gonna be a good father if he drug deals and cheats on you so don’t worry about your son having a father you can find someone else and even if you don’t your son is better off without that type of influence just follow your heart and i know right now its saying that u shouldn’t’ be with him so follow it you can do Better … Good luck 🙂

Honey, what he did was completely disgusting in so many ways. While you’re thinking of how your son needs his father around, still, it’s not in your little boy’s best interests to live in a home where his mother and father don’t trust each other or have any respect for each other. I’d strongly suggest that you draw a line under this relationship, let him commit incest all he wants with his trashy family and you go and find a man who loves and respects you for you. That’s the very least you deserve!

That is no excuse to stay with someone. Do not try to find a reason to stay with him when you know its not worth it. The fact that he and his cousin have been intimate over and over is beyond wrong and in some cases depending on how old she was when all that started it can be rape. It is wrong all over and I feel that you need to leave him. It ultimately up to you and pray that God guides you in the RIGHT path that you need to be heading. It all is wrong and he dont appreciate you or obviously care. Move on and know that you and your son is all you need to be happy, if you are doing a good job as a mother to your son then you are not doing anything wrong. NO excuse to stay with him because of the honest with you want your son to grow up around someone like that and look up to someone like that??? If he is drug-dealing, your putting your son life in danger
and once again the cousin thing is wrong and something needs to be done about that ew!

(((I’m sorry but its time to wake up)))


To be honest do what your heart tells you is best for your child.

Though if I was in the position you are in I’d leave the girl who cheat because if she cheated then she would serve a bad example of a mother. Main reason I would leave is because if I was cheated then I can’t forget the pain the cheater brought to me.

So anyways I hope this answers your question.

god help you. right now that is all you can do it pray and ask for gods guidance. i cannot even imagine what you are going through. i really admire the fact that you are looking out for you child and what is best for him, and also that you are not mad at the girl.. you are a strong and smart women. i am sorry i cannot tell you what is the best thing to do. i really do admire you though. i know you will get through this. good luck to you and your child. god bless.

let me just say that is so gross i feel so awful for that poor girl and 2 you and your son deserve someone who isnt into little girls and can be there for you both..

Marriage counseling ?

He is just horny and wanting some younger flesh. Don’t worry about it. he could be a very nice guy who believes in Sharing. Talk that over with him. Give him a night out with her but then you get him the other 6 nights a week. You win and he is happy too! 🙂

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