Question Since when does watching Colbert, Jon Stewart and making fun of fox news make you a political expert?

This was my deleted question

I’m really sick of this, it seems my ‘f*ck bush’ generation is just as bad as bible belt bush worshipers. Every time I hear two hipsters talking about politics it’s all comedy central and anti-fox news reteric. What’s going on, here? Doesn’t anyone see all that’a distraction. BTW……

I get my political expertise from Leno. He is a grown up.

Your question isn’t really very thoughtful. You may have missed the fact that for years, the only way to get any real info about Bush was to watch Stewart and Colbert. The press was falling down on the job, big time. There was NO real journalism from the mainstream media in this country from 9/11/2001 through Katrina. And FOX is a horrible, horrible joke. And if you are sick of hearing Bush bashing, my guess is you don’t care all that much about what has become of your country.

first of all, is it not possible to be well-rounded politically AND enjoy those two programs? They are not my “be all, end all” sources of information, but I enjoy them, and find that they are often right on the mark in some of their coverage. Good comedy almost always has some basis in the truth.

I get my information from various sources newspapers, NPR, magazines…

Secondly, you shouldn’t base your assumptions of people based on something you’ve overheard them say.

Third, f*ck Bush. Call me a hipster if you must, but I could give you 100 reasons why he is awful. That said, I can’t guarantee that some haven’t shown up on Daily Show/Colbert Report at one point or another.

As I answered before:

Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Ingram, Coulter, O’Reilly, Boortz….all these people are also for entertainment purposes. Yet many people cite them as credible sources (though, to the credit of some of the above names, some outright mention they are entertainment, and not journalists).

Why should Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert be treated differently? Because they mock politicians and leaders? Or because they employ comedy?

Well, I can’t profess to this but it’s a sad comment for Fox that those getting their news from Stewart and Colbert making fun of them are more informed than those watching Fox.

Well, what do you qualify as a news source?
You have to be at least relatively aware of what’s going on in the world to find Colbert and Jon Stewart funny.
Just because it’s on Comedy Central doesn’t mean it’s not accurate, it doesn’t get ‘dumbed down’ or anything.

The two shows are comedy / entertainment, but they tend appeal to people who are informed and have an interest in politics. It’s not that they get their information from those shows, but rather that those shows are for people who get it. That’s not to say I watch either program, because I don’t. The only TV I watch is Teletubbies and Yo Gabba Gabba.

Name one person who has claimed to be an expert on politics merely by watching the programs you mention.

If you can’t name one, then what’s the point of your question?

Edit: If you’re asking only about why your own friends would make this claim, why would you post your question HERE? Why not ask these anonymous individuals why they draw this conclusion? Clearly, if the belief that watching such shows makes one an expert were at all as common as you represent it to be, there should be dozens if not hundreds of blogs and/or discussion boards on which someone makes this claim. Got a link to even one of them?

If you watched Jon Stewart you would see that he makes fun of both sides of government and you don’t have to watch comedy central to make fun of Fox news. Fox News is quite funny.

Even so called hard news is entertainment anymore, people want to be entertained not informed, instead of bread and circuses, we have cheetos and television, its the same as it ever was.

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