Ramadan: Simple ways to contribute to Islaam.?

List as many things ordinary folks can do.


Salaam alaikkum 🙂

A good Q, mashaa’allah !!

1)To follow Islam ourselves, and try to strengthen our imaan.
2)A good muslim always inspires others, by speaking the truth always, not backbiting or slandering, by being kind, helpful and doing things only to please Allah(swt) and no one else.
3)To do dawah as much as we can.
4)A best muslim is the one who reminds others of Islam with his appearance, actions and words 🙂

I think one of the best things folks can do is to teach their children better and hold them to higher standards. We need to prepare our kids to leave the nest ready to shoulder society and make things better- not be a burden, hoping someone else will do it instead.

Some of the poisons in some Islamic societies today are:

1. Thinking that education is a piece of paper on the wall and not a lifelong process.
2. That money is the measure of goodness in a person.
3. That once your kids are out of the house and married, your job in life is done and you’re now allowed to gain 70 pounds and sit with an ear on the phone and one foot in the grave.
4. That responsibility is someone elses’ problem.
5. That there isn’t honor in hard work.
6. That old folks aren’t worthy of our attention/consideration.

I see so many parents today teaching their kids both self entitlement and the high importance of duniya stuff, but not too many teaching humility and service to others anymore. This has got to change.

Giving charity is such an important part of Islam that even the Arabic word tasaddaqa (to give charity) comes from the root sadaqa meaning to speak the truth, to be sincere. Sadaqah (voluntary charity) is different from zakah, the compulsory alms that are collected every year.

A Muslim shows his sincerity of faith and attains piety by being generous:

[Ye will not attain unto piety until ye spend of that which ye love. And whatsoever ye spend, Allah is aware thereof.] (Aal `Imran 3:92)

It is easy to give money as charity when one is wealthy, but the best charity is given when one fears poverty, for one must then sincerely trust in Allah’s reward.

When the Prophet Muhammad was asked which charity is best, he replied,

“That you should give charity (in a state when you are) healthy, closefisted, haunted by the fear of poverty and hoping to become rich (charity in such a state of health and mind is the best). And you must not defer (charity to such a length) that you are about to die and would be saying: This is for so and so, and this is for so and so. Lo, it has already come into (the possession of so and so).” (Muslim)

Even the money that a person spends on his family counts as charity if his intention is for Allah. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “When a Muslim spends on his family seeking reward for it from Allah, it counts for him as charity.” ( Muslim)

Even a smile in the face of others is charity – “Smiling in the face of your brother is charity … and pouring out from your bucket into your brother’s bucket is charity,” Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said in a hadith authenticated by Al-Albani.

I hope I helped.


1) Doing Dawah to people around you

2)Giving Quran as gift to Muslims as well as non muslims on different occasions like eid,birthday etc etc

3)Guiding your muslims friend about different rules of islam (Since now a days a lots muslims don’t even know about their own religion & commit haram things)

Follow the Qur’aan and sunnah as much and as closely as possible. and YES, it was sent down for the guidance of us ORDINARY FOLK 🙂

1. give salam to other
salam alaikum warohmatullah wabarokatuh
2. ask (remind) each other to do good deeds and avoid the sins
3. help brother and sister in need

Sending cards with light Islamic one liner.
And probably many other that is not coming in my mind.

Be firm in your belief first

Then tell Others How beautiful ..how beautiful Islam is !

How can u tell then ..adding in binte and saya ….

By sharing links as http://www.alhudapk.com/audio-video/husn…

well from the way you asked i assume you are sunni!
So if you are a woman stay in the house cook clean and take care of very mundane things like that!
If you are a sunni man do us all a favor and don’t blow up yourself, anybody else or anything. Also don’t convince your women to wear the niqab so she can go blow sheit up!

As for Quranists like me we are seeking the sacred masjid!

Love one another.

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