Since Reagan had approval ratings of 35% and 10.8% unemployment in Year2, is Obama still in pretty good shape?

I don’t think Obama is in such great shape, myself.

I do think that he and the Democrats SHOULD be in great shape. Not because of them, but because the contrast between them & their political foes.

In my opinion, Democrats both in the White House & in Congress have been far too timid and ineffective in terms of restoring capitalist economic growth to America following the near-depression that our economy faced just 2 years ago.

They’ve also caved in to corporate pressure, and to popular prejudices, and have enacted a fairly flawed health care reform bill that resembles what Republican Mitt Romney pushed through in Massachusetts when he was governor them.

Naturally, a lot of lifelong Democrats hate it — it’s not the single payer system or even the “public option” we wanted. And the Republicans were going to hate any Democratic health care bill anyway, so “health care reform” isn’t providing the Democrats with the boost they were hoping for in the polls.

On the other hand, the Republicans especially in the Senate have done NOTHING to help economic recovery, and have instead done everything they could to keep Obama from bringing down unemployment.

So the Democrats haven’t been that good — not in my leftwing opinion — but the Republicans have been economic saboteurs, the “Party of No.”

They have cynically worked to destroy anything good that the Commander in Chief has tried to achieve in terms of economic recovery, in order to improve their own chances of defeating Democrats in this year’s election.

In my opinion, that makes the Republicans, especially the Senate Republicans, pretty close to traitors against the real interests of the American people.

If American voters are smart enough and diligent enough in following the news to realize that, I think they’ll throw out Republican senators and Republican congressmen across the US.

But I don’t think most voters realize how badly the Republicans, in their zeal to destroy Obama and Obama’s former popularity, have served this country.

Instead of blaming the “Party of No” for what it has done to make economic recovery impossible, I think many people will punish Obama and the Democrats for having been victims of Republican stonewalling & Republican malice.

We’ll have to see what the results are come November, though.

Political preferences might chance dramatically, one way or another, in the next few weeks.

I’m not sure where you get your information but it is skewed at best. The deficit is huge, unemployment continues to climb. Jobs created in the private sector cannot begin to cover jobs lost you didn’t even mention the housing market. Even though Bank of America has said they will not proceed with foreclosures right away, and the other major players intend to follow suit, that doesn’t mean they will not foreclose at some point. If payments are not made, sooner or later that homeowner will be foreclosed upon. The housing market is already swollen with foreclosed homes and the market will only get worse when the foreclosures proceed. You live in a dream world if you think Obama is half the man President Reagan was or even half as effective. The only way Obama could pull off 2012 is if the powers that be resort to criminal activity with regard to voting. It is not out of the realm of possibility.

Thanks for having the spine to speak the truth on here. I barely survived the 6-year-long recession that the Reagan regime caused. It might not have lasted 6 years where some people lived, but it did in my town. That fact makes me shudder when I think that this Bush “great recession” might last more than 6 years.

Obama will get re-elected if the unemployment rate goes down and the economy is better in 2012.

The Republicans do not appear to have any good candidates.

Name calling such as socialist and terrorist is not going to win an election.

It was a pretty nasty period of time. He got the economy going in the right direction, and things
were improving. Thats why he got re-elected.
I do believe you are right that things are worse now. But everything Obama and his congress is
doing seems to make things even worse. If the new congress can work better and things improve,
Obama will probably be re-elected. Not looking too good at the moment though.
Still, he has two years to go!

Yes. Don’t forget that Reagan publicly advocated eliminating all nuclear weapons. Imagine what the right wing media would say about that if Obama followed suit today…

Pretty much. Things always seem to work out better when the executive and legislative branches are controlled by different parties.

Don’t know. Did Reagan and his party help to cause most of the problem before his term and then during it? How many trillions did they waste?

Reagan wasnt pro choice you fcking idiot.

Ronald Reagan has been dead for a number of years now and obama is the President!! It doesn’t matter what Reagan did or did not do!! What matters is what obama does and how he does it!!

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