Smell in my car air conditioner?

My air conditioner vents in my car have suddenly started smelling like vinegar? What could cause this and what should I do to fix it?

Well what caused the smell of vinegar in your vents is most likely tobacco smoke. Is your car possibly used, or are you a smoker? If either one of these applies to you tobacco smoke is most likely causing the nasty smell. It’s difficult to get this smell out but it can be done. The same thing happened to my car and I went to the store and bought a bottle of ODO BAN at wal mart (its over by the bathroom cleaners and stuff) and it is an odor eliminator. it really worked though, I just sprayed a little into the vent, and while it was still wet in the vent, I turned them on full blast. I did this a few times in a day and the smell was gone within a couple of days. good luck

Tracy, For some reason sometimes air conditioned cars actually do grow bacteria, mold and mildew inside the vents and passages. Your car dealer is equipped to run your air conditioner for a period of time with a canister that provides a fog like substance through the entire air conditioning system that will kill the bacteria and “stinky” smell.

Trust me, this step really does work to solve your problem.

Better ask your car dealer on this one. I could give you a guess, but I would check with your dealer first. I would take a pale of warm water and add some baking soda to it. Maybe something like 3-4 table spoons per bucket. Make sure you stir it to dissolve it. Lift your windshield wipers out of the way. Then pour the bucket onto your car from the top of the windshield. Your trying let the water fall into vents near where wipers are, so pour all along the top of the windshield.

You got mold. Thats right cars do get mold. There are few fixes for it, try google searching about cleaning mold in the car vents. Also there is a filter called air cabin filter, change that it will make a big difference.

Gross. I don’t know why it happened, but they make products to clean your A/C vents out.

I spray Febreze down where it sucks the air in on mine and let the air run at full blast while I do it. Usually clears up any funky smells.

the cause for this is the fact that you have vampires living inside of the vents. Spray your car with garlic and that should fix your problemo!!!!


Does it make you nauseated?!?
(like… wanting to pass out?)

that sounds like it might be a Freon leak, GET IT CHECKED!
(that stuff can be REALLY bad for your health, and is REALLY bad for the environment)

you may have a heater core leaking causing mold to form

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