This is a bit long but PLEASE answer… i’ll give 10 points.?

I’ve just turned 18 and am worried about my drinking habits…

In the past I’ve experienced some problems with alcohol. The first time i drank i was 13 years old and it was at my older sisters party. I was very drunk that night and was vomiting…the strange thing was that the next morning i did want to…

You are on a dangerous path of self destruction and the path to being an alcoholic…Alcoholics do not know when to stop to NOT get SMASHED and just get tipsy.. I am a former addict and I can tell you that this is how it starts. The more you drink, the more damage it does to your liver. If you stop now, the liver can start to repair itself, If not, it may be too late. even though you said you don’t wake up wanting alcohol, at the rate you are going, you will eventually crave it non stop.. and have to have it. Being worried about having a problem is a good start..that means you know there is a problem.. Now is the time to get help.. I was an addict for 15 years and the longer you have a problem the harder it is to quit. Quitting is not easy..I still crave and I have been clean over 5 years…it’s an everyday process. GL

I am hearing you describe an alcoholic, but only you can say if you are or not. The first step to recovery is admit there is a problem with alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous can help you, there are a.a.meetings every day and every night everywhere, look them up in the phone book under a.a. and they will tell you where there’s a meeting and what time. You can also have someone call and talk to you. If you think you need to go into rehab take it seriously, you can learn some tools to help you stay sober. Take it a day at a time and if necessary, five minutes at a time, just tell yourself “I won’t drink today” or I won’t take a drink in the next five minutes.” and stay with it. Alcoholism is progressive, it never goes away, there isn’t a cure, and you CAN NOT take a drink and think you will be ok. Alcoholism is a disease, it’s not something that’s a crime, you are not a bad person, you are a sick person. You are asking for help, and there are many young people in Alcoholics anonymous, so you won’t be the only one your age, and you won’t be alone. Reach out to those who offer you their hand in help, not only will it help you keep sober, but it will help them keep sober as well. Good luck and I wish you the best.

I read your post and not because i want the points. Its seems to me that when you drink you must know your limit or you will continue to drink to the point of sickness or death. I know when I drink…I want to be able to remember what happened the night before so either I will refrain from drinking or have a few and call it a night. I dont like how I feel when I am hung over, so I make a point to only hard 2 hard drinks or only 3 beers. I dont your drinking habits are really strange,nor do I think you are an alcoholic, but it is mainly self control. If you know yourself and how you get after X amount of drinks then I suggest you stop yourself before that point. I would not chock up to you being young. Plenty of people have drank at young ages and have not ended up in your situation, so I would say step and take responsibility for your actions. besides all that…arent you a bit young to be drinking though?
NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO ABLE TO CHANGE YOU BUT have to make the conscious choice to do so.

The thing is you should try to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or something. You have to admit that you’re an alcoholic and get some help on this problem. The good part is that you know you have a problem and you want to fix it. However, people that are alcoholics can’t have any alcohol without getting completely smashed. So if you really want to resolve this problem you have to stay away from all types of alcohol and get someone to help you.

Some people just have that brain chemistry or gene or whatever to make the more susceptible to alcohol.

After a few blackouts, I accepted that I am one of those people…and thus stopped.

And now you know you are too.

So you need to stop drinking altogether. Getting tipsy isn’t worth the risk.

Think about this. If alcohol was invented today, the FDA wouldn’t allow it…because of its addictive quality.

Well it seams like you are already on the right path, and maybe it is a good thing that you are scared to get drunk because it is stopping you from drinking, but my advice if you want to be able to drink but not get drunk is when you go out or you drink, take friends with you that are responsible and you know you can trust, ask them to try to discourage you from drinking and know that they are there for you. Good Job already and keep up the good work!

I really don’t expect the ten points (which is okay) but the answer is you need counseling for alcoholism. You don’t have to drink daily to become an alcoholic, you can drink every so often – but find yourself unable to stop once you start.

But, you could try going to your doctor and having your blood sugar tested. Alcohol replicates (or becomes – don’t remember which) sugar in the system so if you do have blood sugar issues, the effects of alcohol could be amplified.

Either way, I wish you the best and please, please be careful.


Your problem may be that you are drinking too fast. You are allowing yourself to feel “tipsy”. You go from sober to uncontrollably wasted because you kep drinking until you feel something instead of waiting, that’s why it ends up so badly. In my opinion, the answer is just to slow down and enjoy the buzz, don’t chug. 🙂

Talking about your problem is a good step – the fact that you are acknowledging this issue is a big step. Maybe replace this disgusting habit with a new want? maybe sports?

alcholol takes away your perception of how drunk you are, so in order to not get completly smashed you have to do away with drinking at all, you’ll feel alot better.

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