Why are Obama supporters ignoring the fact that he can’t carry the white vote?

Since the Wright story broke, Obama has consistently been unable to win the white vote. This tells me that he’s going to lose a general election. Any candidate, regardless of race or sex, must carry the white vote to win the election. Why are Obama supporters seemingly oblivious to this fact?

Thomas you need to regroup,sit back and look at what is happening. Hillary will run till the end, if she does not beat him then the republic party will take over. It’s just that simple. They are both trying hard, but personally I feel like Hillary Clinton is the best candidate. You go girl! That would put 2 clintons in the White House. What could be better than that?

I think you need to look at the demographics more carefully. Obama is not just about winning the African American vote. He’s also getting the younger, college educated votes, regardless of race. Also, could you cite your source, if any, that Obama supporters are seemingly oblivious to this “fact?” In the end, come November, the republican reign of terror must end. No Mc-Bush!!! No more G-dub’s policies for the wars, economy, environment, etc. No Mc-Bush in November…and remember to vote.

The Republican party has shrunk, there’s something like twice as many people voting in the Democratic primaries as the Republican primaries, so either way winning against a Republican isn’t looking to be that difficult, besides, if you actually listen to entire speech that Wright made, he was basically describing the principal of blowback, his wording was harsh, but we are talking about foreign policy that has caused 100’s of 1000’s of deaths in various countries, I realise that “goddamn America” isn’t something you want to hear, but self criticism is healthy, please listen to the entire speech before you pass judgement, instead of the 10 second soundbite they play over and over again on fox news.

Ps. I’m not an Obama supporter, he’s an evil globalist…

Why, because it is NOT true. I know plenty of whites that are voting for him and they come from all walks of life. If whites are not voting for Obama, then how in the world is he leading in votes for the democratic party. It sure isn’t only blacks voting for him.

Because he can. Do you really think he would have gotten as far as he has WITHOUT the white vote?

Its kind of silly to even state such a thing. If it was all about the white vote, Hillary would be winning; not losing.

Because I hope that, as a sociey, we have evolved enough to vote for the best candidate despite skin color. (Of course, I realize this probably isn’t so, and that’s too bad.)
However, just less than 100 years ago women couldn’t even vote. Now they can run! That’s progress …

He does have the white vote, the smart, educated, wealthy white vote. It’s fact that poor uneducated whited vote for Hil! Funny how those are also the same class of people who marry their cousins and beat them! ha ha Why won’t you except that fact?

So, you’re saying he’s winning solely based on the black vote?? LOL!!

I don’t think all Obama supporters are ignoring this; however, people also said he’d never win the Dem. nomination, now look. Just goes to show…

Plenty of white people have voted for Obama. I am one of them. If he can get Edwards to be VP, he will get even more. Don’t count him out in November.

I think taht you have missed something. More whites have voted for Obama than blacks.

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