Why has Obama changed from promising ?

Why has Obama changed from promising that he can fix America to blaming others for his inability to fix America ?

Why has Obama changed his confident pre-election mantra of ” yes we can ” to an excuse laden post-election mantra of ” No I can’t ” ?

Because Americans are starting to wake up,at last.

“Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.” – Vladimir Lenin

In his First Inaugural Address in 1981, Reagan declared that “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

“Depressions and mass unemployment are not caused by the free market but by government interference in the economy.” — Ludwig von Mises

Reduced to its lowest common denominator, Marxism (The Obama Agenda) is government
managing society. Freedom is society managing government.(The Founding Fathers created a Free Republic government of we the people,by the people and for the people of the United States of America.) I choose freedom.I choose to make the U.S.A. Constitution legal.

Obama is offering substitute for substitute sake. regrettably that’s working and the american human beings (a minimum of a few of them) are paying for it. an identical component occurred in Massachusetts. interior the final gubernatorial election there have been 3 Democrats working for the occasion’s nomination to be the candidate for governor. The candidate that gained the nomination grew to become into Deval Patrick. Gov. Patrick grew to become right into a minor good interior the Clinton administration and labored in company regulation. He paraded an identical message as Sen. Obama. Gov. Patrick got here out with slogans approximately substitute, approximately believing on something new, approximately those grand ideals that have been short on any substance of what form of substitute he grew to become into speaking approximately. accident or no longer Gov. Patrick is likewise black. besides… in Massachusetts the human beings offered it, substitute for substitute sake without authentic concrete techniques and no questions of the undeniable fact that for the main section Gov. Patrick had no authentic adventure as a prime government. The parallels are frightening. In Massachusetts the only substitute that has come have been numerous scandals appropriate to the governor’s extra spending and an thought to handle the cost selection shortfall with arising playing around the state. do no longer purchase Obama’s message on a nationwide scale. He needs to be pronounced as out and asked to grant some sturdy solutions on what that so pronounced as substitute relatively capacity.

He is still trying to fix America. The “blaming”, is what you right-wingers refer to focusing the attention on the cause of the delay. “Yes we can” still applies. It also implies that America has to unite to accomplish the change. Obama or even the democratic party can not do it all by themselves. If the party of no would give just a little co-operation, it could work wonders, and they could start getting credit instead of just blamed for doing what they are obviously doing.

Because he isnt qualified to be the president. He was a Jr Senator who never voted yay or nay, only present.

@ Bookish: The Dems have the majority, you cant blame the republicans for everything failing.

His entire campaign was just a bunch of empty rhetoric. On the campaign trail Obama gave some nice speeches filled with lofty rhetoric, but the truth is he is terribly unqualified for the job. I’m glad Obama is unable to deliver, as I oppose almost 100% of his policy agenda. I’m just looking forward to this nightmare to be over.

He didn’t realize how selfserving the House & senet are. They want the old ststus quo & arn’t willing to make the necessary changes to turn things around.

Reality has given him a more accurate perception of his “gift” – I Hope.

This guy said anything to get elected…he doesn’t intend to keep any promises…now that he is enjoying a salary and time to play golf.

He had no experience.
He’s finding out this job is a lot harder than he thought.
He’s crumbling under the pressure.

He’s a Liberal progressive communist liar. What do you expect?

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