Would applying Undecided increase my chances of getting into colleges?

I want to do something in the medical field (most likely a medical assistant) but my grades in math and science are absolutely horrible, but my grades in social studies and english are pretty good.
Like for math I would get grades in the 70s while in science I would get 80s.
But I did well in Earth Science and…

As the other post says, your major does not usually affect your acceptance by a college. I would caution you about this though. I know of cases where a student chose a particular college because it had a great nursing program or finance program for example. They were able to get into the college as a freshman, but they were listed as general students (undecided). When they tried to get into a particular program farther along, it was very competitive. Only a limited number of students were accepted in that field. Thus, they got into the college , but not into the major they wanted. I also knew a girl who tried to do an “end around” at a large university. When she was not accepted into the program she wanted, she continued to take courses part time until she had all the required courses for that particular program. When she applied to have a degree issued based on this, the college refused because she had not gone through proper acceptance channels. She was allowed to eventually get a degree, but not in the program she wanted.
The bottom line here is that you should know up front that getting accepted into a college is no guarantee that you will later be accepted into a restricted program. Ideally, you should visit the college you are interested in and discuss this with an adviser there.

Your choice of major has no effect on whether you’ll get in or not. You’ve got a lot going for you it looks like. I think I got like a 1750 on the SAT and a 26 on the ACT. My GPA across all of high school was 3.2-. I applied to Ball State, Indiana University, and IUPUI, and was accepted at all three. I was even directed accepted into the Kelley School of Business.

Oh and your GPA seems kind of off..

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