Aggressive dog! Need advice!!?

So my boyfriends dog is really mean. He bites everyone who goes over. Including his mom. We are teenagers so he leaves at home but his mother refuses to get rid of the dog. But he is so mean. I’m so scared of him. He is part pitbull and he’s a mutt. I’m just wondering what to do about it. And how to…

Considering it is their fault that the dog is mean; they are doing the right thing by not getting rid of him. A dog is a family member and isn’t something to just toss away. I would suggest they put the dog somewhere when you are over so it doesn’t have access to you. They need to seek out a trainer that specializes in aggression. Dogs don’t attack or bite for no reason. When you go over there, don’t look at the dog, keep your body relaxed, don’t touch or pet the dog. Let the dog come up to you and smell you…for christ sake’s tell them to get a grip and get their dog under control before they end up getting sued and the dog gets euthanized because they are idiots for not teaching and raising a dog the right way.

I would recommend that you contact Peter Neville for advice here. If you look him up on the web and go on his site and then contact him about this, he should be able to offer you some tips on how to stop the dog from behaving aggressively.
Also, you could try seeing a dog trainer about this. Please only ever let a good, responsible and humane dog trainer approach the dog. NEVER allow even a professional dog trainer to use a shock collar, choke chain or other cruel device on him or on any other dog, for that matter. Shock collars have been linked to serious burning as well as serious incidents of shock in dogs. Choke chains have been linked to such serious injuries as damaged windpipes and spinal injuries in dogs. Even when these so-called “training tools” are used correctly, they still run a very high risk of hurting the dog a bit, and there are now many humane alternatives to them, such as no-pull harnesses, haltis, collars that give off jets of water and those that make high-pitched noises which humans cannot hear but will cause mild discomfort (in the way of startling them slightly rather than causing pain) to dogs. In fact, in most cases, problem barking can be solved simply by people spending more time with their dogs and keeping them from becoming bored and/or lonely through good dog toys and responsible, caring dog walkers and other carers whilst they are out.
Best if luck.

Honestly, in my opinion, the dog is not a bad dog. Dogs are never bad dogs. It’s not his fault that he is mean, it is most likely the environment he is in, or how he is treated. If you approach calmly and dont ast scared (he can probably sense your fear), but act like pack leader. If you’re going over to your bf’s house a lot, you might as well adapt to his dog. If you get the nerves, ask him how they treat their dog… and you can also go on Caeser Millan’s website 🙂

Can’t you just stay in the other room ? It’s not your dog. Let his mom worry about training her own dog.

Cesar Milan
—-Dog Whisperer

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