Are police reports public? Say a female files a report for a man who sexually assaulted 14 y/o, is it public?

I live in California. Im wondering – if the records are public information. I know of a case where the girl was sexually assaulted by an uncle. The girl was 14 at the time and he was in his late 20’s. He has been in jail for a few weeks – no one has posted his bail.

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No, the only thing that will be public will be his info, and even that iffy. Because it has to do with sexual assault of a minor, her info / case paperwork will not be released to ANYONE other than lawyers / her parents.

No media, no friends, no family, no random callers, nothing.

Because a minor was involved the only information that would be available to the public would be his name and address (which is sometimes blacked out by some agencies)…..The report will only be able to be accessed by law enforcement officers, lawyers, the judge or other public or trusted officials that may be involved in the case ( Ex. District Attorny’s Office, Public Defenders Office, etc)…..and NO ONE ELSE!!!!

Police Reports are generally public record, but when they include a minor or serious crime they are not…Police agencies also reserve the right as to what information is in the report…for example, I may write a 3 page police report on a car accident i responded to but may write a 1 paragraph narrative for the public giving them a brief explanation as to what happened….

Hope this helps

No, police reports are not public. Only those with a legitimate need for the information can access police reports.

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The victim being a minor would not be made public.
The offenders name would.

only his arrest recorrd would be public any information on the minor victim would not be avaiable

Cop records are kept private.

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