Are these signs?!?!?! HELP ME!? srry long question but 10 points to best answer!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Okayy so i like this boy and everyone even my family is positive he likes me back, but recently i have been doubting that he still likes me…… so i prayed (i don’t want any bad coments i am religous just keep it to yourself) to god that he still likes me and to show me that he still does, and after that (his…

youre not too young hah 🙂 but i do get the prayer thing. i do that everynight. i have had a boyfriend for over a year now, and alot of times that happens to me too. haha. but since you asked for a sign, God is probably answering your prayers. He is good and you know that:) If you need more signs, talk to God, and tell him you don’t understand what he is trying to do. Update me! 🙂 and Good Luck!!

expensive 14 It feels very interesting to understand that somebody likes you and by ability of all ability it may. once you spot 13 why no longer attempt chatting with him approximately issues that he’s fascinated in. all of us like to chat approximately ourselves. you are able to desire to even say which you had a dream that ??? became into teasing you and pronounced that 13 beloved you and if this became into genuine? for my section as quickly as you detect out your answer your fifty 4 will quiet down and you’ll be excited with regard to the placement that somebody exhibits you particular. delight in the 2d 14.

it might just be a coincidence. i had that happen to me too, but with an ex boy friend, and it was the date we started dating…. it was annoying and it was over and yr and a half ago but i still see that number all over the place. 🙂 maybe you’ll have better luck

Just take a shot get yourself together & ask him (:
if you never ask you never know & you will always be wondering (:
it may seem hard but just try to ;D
& it could be a sign (:
hope i helped out a little (:

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