Barack Obama, black smart president?

Do you think i was wrong for posting this to a question?
…I think most white people said no because he’s black! But ha ha ha My president is Black and face it yours is too. For my white friends that support Barack, thank you because you are smart enough to realize its time for a change! ….

How many times do I have to keep repeating your retards that he’s not black. Oh but wait, you’re black. Now I understand why you’re calling him black. All Blacks like to refer to mulattoes as “black”. Could it be because you can’t find a real black to be proud of? Try to find a real black man to be proud of, instead of an half-white.


Most of us white folk that voted for Obama did not do it because he’s black. For us, color did not enter into the equation. We voted for him because he is the best candidate and seems to have a vision for the future.
It appears to me from what I have seen, black people are the only ones talking about how he is the first black president.

Are you smart enough to know that “Barack Obama, black smart president” is not a question just because there is a question mark after it.

So since I don’t like Obama I’m racist?
That is bullshit will a capital B!!!!

If a candidate stands for what I stand for, then NO MATTER WHAT THEIR RACE, I will GLADLY support them.

Stop pulling this race ****. You look ignorant. And hey- guess what?! You look racist too! (And yes- ANYONE can be a racist.)

Umm ya hes 1/2 black . so yes hes smart cus he got a education.No clue wtf you people act like hes 100% black. Hes 1/2 black and white and was raised in a white home.

If I had posted this, I would be slammed for being racist.

Talk about dividing the nation,
Grow up.

63% of Obama’s votes came from white people..Obviously,It is primarily because of white people that he is president.

He’s black..because he doesn’t look or act white

this may be hard for you to realize, sweetie-pie, but not all whites are racist.

most of us support who we think can get the job done right, which is McCain.

by the way, i think you are acting very ignorant.

He’s only half black.

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