Beethoven love story music sheet…Help?

I made a bet with my sister, i that i would learn love story by Beethoven faster than she can learn fur elise. Now I can not find the piano music sheet, Please HELP ME!!

Your sister won the bet by default.

… Beethoven didn’t write “Love Story”

The notion that Beethoven wrote the theme from Love Story is a myth,
and I don’t know where it came from.
Anyway, you can find the sheet music right here:…

Don’t tell anybody that I told you this, because it’s copyrighted.

If you’re try and learn a piece quickly just in order to beat someone else, then I really doubt that you have any appreciation for the music itself. I hate to tell you this, but the results of this competition with your sister will not determine who is the better musician. Don’t make music about competing with anyone else, make it about taking as much time as you need to make the piece of music you’re playing as good as it can possibly be.

Also, I have no idea what song you’re talking about. Love Story? By Beethoven? Are you sure?
Haha, good form, Finger Reaper

Did Beethoven really write ‘Love Story’

Ok, I totally believe you

You won’t find anything called Love Story by Beethoven as no such thing exists.
The theme to the movie “Love Story” is by Francis Lai and is not classical music.

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Jon B.- I Do (Watcha Say Boo) is a great love story music video, try it. Kelly Price- He Proposed To Me Mya- Fallen’ Zhane- Sending My Love Aaliyah- One In A Million

I know this is probably a stretch, but I love this video and the song. It’s Excuse Me Miss by Jay Z. I love the whole vibe of the video and the song.

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