Dealership lying on a car loan application?

I went to buy a uesd car a few months ago, but at the time I was a week away from starting a new job. So I put that information on the loan application and told them the situation. I signed the income paperwork with that information on it. They approved the loan, got everything done and over with and they then told…

Unfortunately, if you signed the application, then getting a lawyer will not help. You will also be guilty of fraud because your signature states that the above is true, including your income and residency. This is why you never sign an incomplete application.

If you obtain a copy of your signed credit application or have proof that the conversation took place as well as can prove that it was altered after you signed, then you may have a case, however I would be very cautious because your signature can make it your word against the dealerships. Good luck and I hope this helps.


I think you are stuck with it. You signed the contract and now you ruining your credit. You should of waited until you got the job and then went and looked at cars.The dealership is not liable for your payments. If you can’t pay for it then try to sell it or it will get repoed. Sorry that you are in a situation like that. Oh one more thing, about the comment that the first guy made. Not every dealer is like that. There is only a few that ruin the image for the rest.

Go see a lawyer. Unless you can PROVE deception and falsification on the part of the dealership, you’re stuck. Take to the lawyer every bit of paperwork you have. Ideally, you have your copy of the loan application with your signature that doesn’t say you are receiving social security. If not, have the names of everyone you dealt with at the dealership, especially the person who said they lied and changed the paperwork. To get out of a legal contract, you’re going to need a lawyer. Don’t try to argue with the dealership people yourself; they’re professional scumbags and know all the angles. Do not return the car to the dealership until after you’ve talked to the lawyer. Follow his/her advice.

Sounds to me like they committed fraud and you should seek legal advice. I wouldn’t return the car, for sure. They sound pretty shady and after you get some legal advice, let them talk to them . I certainly wouldn’t contact them any more. You can get free advice from legal aid any where in this country. And if I were you and I hadn’t made a payment in 3 months I would park the car elsewhere other than my residence as they can come an repossess it in the middle of the night if they want to. Good Luck and learn from your mistakes… be careful what you sign and who you deal with in business. Ask your friends who they recommend and don’t just go to some “fly by night” business in any capacity whether it’s to buy a big ticket item like a car or just your every day purchases

You are responsible to pay the loan. I don’t understand about the “social security” thing. Did you or the salesman put that on the contract that you were getting money from SS? You also should not have taken the loan without knowing you were actually working. They may have lied, but you are the one that signed the contract. I think you are stuck.

No, you signed the application. Regardless of who wrote it, you signed it. Not only that, but you entered into a contract with the intention of paying the note, regardless of how the approval was attained, you agreed to pay the note.

u r an idiot get a job and pay for the car

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