Difference between Italian, German, and American Cars?

Hi, I would like to know what the specific differences in engineering are between German, Italian, and American cars. I am just asking for the rough differences between the companies most generally known such as Ferrari, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, etc.
I saw the postings saying that Italian cars…

Well when people refer to “Italian cars” they are generally referring to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Ferrari’s and Lambos are mid engined because that is the best placement for an engine in a track car. Fiat(who owns Ferrari) is Italian and their cars don’t have engines in the middle and such.

Ferrari has very advanced engines and transmissions because they use what they learn in their F1 programs and put that into their cars.

German cars(the high brands) are usually near the front of the envelope in engineering. When people talk about how good European cars are they are really refering to German cars. Mercedes is one of(if not THE) leader in safety in the car industry. BMW and Porsche is in another league from most other car companies in terms of giving driver feedback. They are also make some of the best 6 cylinder engines in the industry. No one has been able to top the naturally asperated I6 that is in the last gen BMW M3. BMW couldn’t even top it that’s why they went with a V8 in the new M3. Audi invented AWD in cars and arguably has the best interiors in the entire industry.

As a whole their engines are generally VERY efficient. As a comparison the Z06 Corvettes 7 litre V8 produces 505 HP. Mercedes AMG 6.3 litre V8 produces up to 518 HP. So they get more HP from less displacement. The BMW 330 produces 250 HP from a 3.0 L I6 which is impressive. My car has a 3.8 Litre V6 and only produces 200 HP for example.

By the way for all intents and purposes Lamborghini is German. They still build the cars in Itali, but they are designed and such by Germans(they are owned by Audi).

You are wrong. There are many countries that make mid-engined (engine behind passengers, but in front of the rear axle) cars. Acura NSX, Ferrari (many different models, but not all Ferraris), Ford GT, Toyota MR2, Lotus (many models). There are fewer car companies that have rear engined (engine behind rear axle) cars, the most well known are the Porsche 911 and the Chevrolet Corvair.

This topic is so deep, that I can not go into all the details here, suffice it to say that generalizations are always wrong and research will net you the information you want. Start with Google and Wikipedia.

Sorry, but your question is very generic but the cars from the various countries are anything but. Take Italy for example…yes, this is the country from which supercars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini come from but the Italians also make Fiat. Fiat produces your basic, common-man transportation. Germans make high end cars such as Mercedes ( which also make the ultra luxurious Maybach models as just an example ) but Mercedes also makes the Smart Car and the A-Class models ( again, 2 basic, common-man transportation vehicles ).

In other words, you can’t pigeon-hole various countries as producing just one type of automobile. All the countries you mentioned produce everything from very basic automobiles to very fast, very luxurious vehicles.

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