Do good looking men or women get more attention….?

I think men. Because male celebrities are so overrated even if they are only a bit good looking. So I’ve always thought that a good looking guy would get more attention than a good looking women but maybe it’s just what I think? And then there’s also a lot of gay males too. So who do you think gets more…

Good looking guys don’t get near the attention that good looking women do. Guys are very visual oriented and if a girl is hot she has about 90% of what a guy is looking for when it comes to initial attraction. A girl see’s a hot guy she then analyzes him and considers him as an entire package. How is he dressed, how does he act, is he confident, is he funny, does he appear to have a good job, etc.

Guys that are ‘rock star’ status get all the women because they have fame and money, two things that a lot of women look for.

The stereotype is that men pay more attention to looks. I think it’s true to a point, but this is an individual thing. I think men are initially attracted to women more often based upon looks and more likely to notice a woman based on her looks, but that doesn’t keep a relationship going by itself. There are plenty of shallow women out there as well. By the way, why is this question in the Senior Citizen section? Lol

There was a study done (can’t find it anywhere) that said most women consider 80% of men below average looking. So yeah maybe the extremely low number of men women consider good looking get more attension than the extremely high number of women considered good looking.

As a general rule, if you want to get attention to something- you use a woman. When studies have been done on this, it has consistently been found that, no matter how good looking the man, people’s eyes will focus on a good looking woman for a longer amount of time.

As far as celebrities go, the stupider they are, the more attention they will get.

People get attention for all kinds of reasons:
Being very smart, very stupid, extremely funny, overly serious, morbidly obese, anorexic and skinny, really loud, super quiet, really beautiful, hideously ugly, or if you’re original and one of a kind. The only people who don’t get a lot of attention are people who are average looking, lack personality, or have nothing unique that they try to offer. Extremes always catch our eye, it doesn’t really matter what gender.

No way, women for sure. Take a look at your classes. People love the pretty girl

Yes. Bitter?

Uh, women. By far.

It’s women google jessica chobit and she’ll convince you it’s women. could you answer my question.…

Probably men.

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