Do you believe senior citizens should have to stop working at age 65?

Why ?


If only I COULD!!! These days, it looks like I will be the greeter at the Wal-Mart for the remainder of my days!!!

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Depending on what year you were born a lot of seniors can’t draw full social security until they are 66 so many will work that extra year. Some will work beyond that just because they still enjoy being in the work force. Due to healthy life styles many at 65 are at their prim so NO they shouldn’t have to stop working or stop doing anything unless they want to

I can’t think why anyone would want to work longer than they need to.I have met many people who have continued to work after retirement age and usually find that they have a very limited lifestyle and are not very exciting or inquisitive.Work has become the all and and be-all routine.I have seen more, learnt more and enjoyed myself more since I retired than was ever possible when working.There are now not enough hours in the week,compared to the tedium of working life.
Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my job !00% but never had enough time left to do the things I wanted

That sounds very Gestapo to me. A person doesn’t change just because they are older! Senior Citizens are antique teenagers and we are still cool and smart and want all the things younger people want. Some os us can retire but those that still want and enjoy working should be able to do so. With the economy as it is now most of our retirement accounts are severely diminished and we CAN’T retire.

No, people should stop working at the age where you have enough money saved up for retirement. Society would be in trouble if everyone stopped working at 65 because those who didn’t save up enough would want more government subsidies. Plus, the government would have to pay out more in social security benefits.

My belief is that the world would not run very well at all without those workers 65 and over. I learned work-ethic from several people in my hometown who were 70-something when I was 16, and they continued to work or lead the community projects well into their 80’s.

I probably will not work my current job for the rest of my life, but I will find another (at least, part-time) that matches my lifestyle and physical abilities.

” Have To ” should have no application when it refers to senior citizens. I believe that ” Have To ” should be relegated to death and even then that would be the choice of the Almighty as it is today. Maybe at 65 ” Have To ” should be replaced with ” Want Too”. Even “Need To ” should be considered rude and improper except in rare instances.

No. It can depend on health, the workplace, and financial issues.

Some just enjoy working for the sake of it. They don’t mind the daily routine of getting up, dressing and going to work. Gives them a sense of purpose, belonging and interaction with others.

For myself, I couldn’t wait to retire (early) because I commuted to a hostile environment. I didn’t hate my job, I tolerated it, but kept a life outside the workplace. I’m much happier now not having to deal with obnoxious coworkers, and my time is my own to structure. After that experience I’d rather work by myself. I’ll never work another office job again.

No. I took a forced retirement at age 64 1/2 due to a physical problem. Loved what I was doing. I do miss it.

no,not unless they want to.members of my family routinely live healthy and very long lives-100 plus.not one has had aunt works as a museum volunteer 5 days a week in her 80’s,another aunt and uncle do volunteer work as well,in their 90’s.whether the work is paid or not,if ur going to live 30-plus years after age 65,u cant just sit and rot.if ur healthy,active,intelligent curious and able to occupy ur time with something useful for others,and enjoyable to u,then u had better find it!my mother retired from full time work as a nurse at age 75,now she is a dance instructor.(78).

LOL! Well considering I am 67 and working FT, my answer would be NO. Several of our senior managers are my age or older also.

AND less some believe that seniors can’t ‘carry the weight’ any longer, I just received a cash award for excellence on my job.

Studies have shown that older works have better work ethics, are more reliable, spend less time goofing off and are appreciative of their jobs and earnings.

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